5 reasons to love our Curl Supreme 4-in-1 Hydrating Creme

Love is a strong word…we know, but this is a word we’ve repeatedly heard people use to describe their affinity for our Curl Supreme 4-in-1 Hydrating Creme! Now that winter is here (often a tough stretch for those of us with curly hair), we thought it would be a perfect time to share the Top 5 Reasons we hear for why people love our Curl Supreme 4-in-1 Hydrating Creme.


1. Moisture, moisture, moisture

Ok, if you have curly hair, you know the drill, lol. You need to keep those strands hydrated, and lock that moisture in! Our Curl Supreme 4-in-1 Hydrating Creme includes good ole’ h2O as its most prevalent ingredient, plus a healthy dose of moisture-attracting humectants like aloe leaf juice to hydrate thirsty strands. The formula also includes a conscious blend of coconut oil and shea butter to not just hydrate, but also protect against moisture loss, which is key in the winter months.

2. Is that for skin or hair? Non-oily, non-greasy

A while back, we began noticing something strange at our expo events. People would walk by, take some of our Curl Supreme 4-in-1 Hydrating Creme out of the tester jar, and start rubbing it into their skin while raving about the feel and consistency. The next comment was usually, “oh wait, is this for skin or hair?” After awhile, we realized it was actually a compliment (although the product is definitely designed for hair!). Our skin is living tissue, and it’s much more sensitive to touch than our hair. People love that while our Curl Supreme 4-in-1 Hydrating Creme looks very next page >>>>

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