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TréLuxe was founded by Kiprono & Cortney Sigilai. Cortney was early to embrace natural beauty maintenance as a way to accentuate her appearance without chemically harsh products. Cortney eventually came to lead others down a similar path of discovery, recommending countless products and styling regimens to interested women. Kiprono helped finance his way through college by opening up an on-campus barber shop out of his dorm room, advising students on style and grooming maintenance. Kiprono later transitioned into studying the effects of beauty maintenance and personal upkeep on social influence and self-expression, while simultaneously pursuing his community and economic development pursuits. Mixing their talents for people, products, and personal empowerment, the TréLuxe brand was born.

A message from Cortney


our hair can say a lot about who you are and where you’ve been, but managing healthy and natural hair isn’t always easy. This is something I found out rather quickly, ten years ago, on my quest to find the best way to manage my hair. Although my heart was willing to forge through the journey, my patience and self-control had some catching up to do. I wanted immediate results, yet no matter where I turned, I could not find a product or a system that allowed my hair to do what I wanted it to do. After battling, breaking and starving my hair, it dawned on me that maybe, if I focused on getting my hair to do what it was designed to do, I would get better results. The epiphany drove me to mix, alter, and try over 6 dozen different hair care recipes, and engage in countless hours of research to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Through this experience, not only did I gain more confidence in expressing my personal style, but I also grew empowered to consciously determine the role that my hair would play in cultivating my identity. After getting positive feedback from other women, I eventually realized that I had to do something unconventional to continue sharing newfound insights about identity as it relates to natural hair care. This journey has brought me to you, by way of TréLuxe.

I am personally passionate and wholeheartedly dedicated to providing your curly hair with wholesome, natural ingredients and high quality products that promote your individually beauty, giving you confidence in every curl- and the best thing about it- you don’t have to spend 10 years trying to find them. Enjoy!

A message from Kiprono

KPGrowing up in a wide range of cultural settings gave me the opportunity to witness the many ways in which different people conveyed their personalities through their appearance, and to later adopt a multi-dimensional perspective on style; however, it wasn’t until my entrepreneurial venture in men’s grooming that I began to fully understand the impact of personal upkeep and image maintenance on almost every aspect of social interaction. Seeing the personal transformations that grew out of the styles I helped developed was an enriching experience that even led me to become more confident with customizing my own unique style. The most important lesson that I learned along the way was that being comfortable with ones self is the necessary foundation for the confident self-expression that comes from personal styling.

After combining my insights with Cortney’s, it became evident that many aspects of style & grooming knowledge that we individually held could be combined with our business experience and passion for empowering others, to offer something truly unique and valuable to people looking for a different approach. Given our desire to empower others, the decision to move the idea from concept to business was, in a word, quite “natural”.


A message from the TréLuxe Team

TréLuxe is the result of the many stories, desires, and ideas gathered from people who’ve embraced their natural beauty using the resources available to them, but still desired a brand that truly understood & reflected their values and unique lifestyles. We’ve went to great lengths to provide a catalogue of quality products that capture and highlight the essence of natural beauty, and to provide a central platform for women to connect with each other as we highlight their journeys to success. Most importantly, we continually look for opportunities to encourage women to reach new heights, and inspire them to empower others.

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