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Fall in Love with your Curls!

Who doesn’t love fall?!? The crisp air that greets you to start your day, the morning dew on the multi-colored leaves that pepper the sidewalk, or what about the sweet and spicy smells of cinnamon and nutmeg. Who’s ready for chunky sweaters, leg warmers, and layers upon layers of comfortable clothing!!!? Well, this season we […]

Why We Run- A Natural Fit™

>5:05am:  Wake up  >5:30am: Eat small  >7am: Run well! Sooo….there was a lot more that took place in between those times, but, the most memorable moments were waking up at the crack of dawn (I always enjoy rising with the birds) feeding the belly with a mini-meal, and hitting the pavement for the Chicago Women’s […]

Meet us @ the Black Women’s Expo in Chicago!

So…we’re gearing up for another expo; this time in our hometown of Chicago, Illinois! Ladies & gents in the Chicagoland area, get ready for an exciting weekend at the end of this month! This long running expo is going to be jam packed with 3 straight days of educational seminars, workshops, entertainers, and a mix […]

Fit & Natural- Swimming

Question: I’m contemplating going natural so I spoke with my stylist about it and let him know that I am very active in swimming. He emphasized that it is best I keep my hair permed while swimming. We have been going back and forth about this recommendation. Any thoughts on what I should do? Yes- […]

Cleveland Natural Hair & Fitness Expo

The Cleveland Natural Hair & Fitness event was unlike any expo that we have experienced before! Attracting more than 3,000 attendees,  we had our hands full, but the overflow of energy made the event exhilarating from start to finish. While this experience was nothing short of a blissful whirlwind, we still had the amazing opportunity to […]

Just Add Water- getting the most out of your hair care regimen

The search for the perfect curl can take us to great lengths, and sometimes cause us to try anything to gain and maintain it. Curl activators, texturizers, heavy oils, wire rods, paper bags, sleeping on our faces, and sleeping while sitting up, have all been used to try to achieve flawless curls. While it may […]