Houston Recapped: Learning to Love Your Curls

 cont’d from page 1consulting a Houston naturalista, in her ripe wisdom of 70 years in age, who was struggling to fully accept her hair in it’s natural state. Due to a scalp condition, hair styling preferences, and having little to no interaction with her real hair, wigs were a constant go-to. This woman’s beautiful daughter was insistent upon getting her mother a curl consultation, but first the wig had to come off! While the mother put up a good fight, her daughter put up an even better one, and mom eventually conceded. It was such an honor to talk to someone who for the first time, was having an interaction with the hair that naturally grows out of her head-her natural curls! Additionally, it was great to see and share curl stories that tie our communities together, regardless of age!

houston-TreLuxe pop-up shop

Houston: Well played! The turnout was so rich and full, that I forgot how dreary the weather was! Until next time Houston- CS!

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