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There’s a story behind every curl and we want to hear yours! Like our curls, the stories behind them unite us, engage us, excite us, strengthen us, and liberate us. Each month, we’ll feature women from around the globe to share stories, experiences, and unique perspectives, that all can learn from.


Interested in sharing your story?

E-mail us a picture that best expresses your style, along with a few sentences about yourself to: styleandsubstance@discovertreluxe.com and we may follow up for a feature!

2 Responses to “Let us Feature You!”

  1. Yvonne October 26, 2015 at 7:47 pm #

    Hi I purchased all of your products not knowing really what to expect, and I must say that I was blown away by EVERYTHING that I have used. The Untie The Knot conditioner made my hair feel so soft and it combed out very easily– that’s even with the use of the harsh water that we have. I let my hair air dry over night and the next day, I spritzed it with water and used the High Definition product, I did a two strand twist and kept them in for a week before doing a twist out. And again I was blown away with the results.

    While wearing the twists I expected a lot of shrinkage, I didn’t get that. I thought that my hair had grew a few inches because it was touching my neck (my twists are usually much shorter) so I kept thinking something was crawling on me– but it was my elongated twists. They were full of elasticity and bounce throughout the entire time. My twist out was wonderful. Full, long, well defined coils, no frizz. I received a lot of compliments. My twist out lasted and looked good for a little more than a week, so that’s over two weeks of great hair days. I also found satisfaction from using Curl Supreme, and Reflex. I love all of TreLuxe Products, if there was a rating system they would all get a 10, and I highly recommend them to women of color who embrace their natural curls. (Just a side note, I would love to send pictures, but I am not an Internet picture sharing kinda girl, so I apologize)
    Thank you, TreLuxe.

    • K'Dreanna December 16, 2016 at 5:25 am #

      Thanks for that , I’ve heard about this line of hair products on you tube I will try this also I only heard great things about Trelux … by the way I’m from the Bahamas and we mostly wear out natural hair here so this is a big help for me , again I say thank you .

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