Lessons we learned from Lupita

If there was a Style & Substance “rookie of the year award”, it would undoubtedly be awarded to newcomer actress and international sensation, Lupita Nyong’o. After taking the world by storm with the depth of her acting in the critically acclaimed ’12 Years a Slave’, Lupita further captivated the world with her poignant style, natural beauty, and graceful demeanor. Embracing her newfound role as de-facto multicultural beauty ambassador, Nyong’o recently delivered a speech that gave us keen insight into her life’s journey, and the circumstances that led to her deep understanding and acceptance of natural beauty.

Take a look at the speech, and our highlighted takeaways below.


Lessons from Lupita

1. We all are influenced by the images we see around us- watch what you watch.

2.  We must reject “the seduction of inadequacy”. Translation: don’t limit your own potential through self-subjected low expectations.

3.  Beauty comes from within, so “get to the deeper business of being beautiful inside” – self explanatory

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