Protective Styling to Maintain Healthy Hair

With winter right around the corner, and many curlies looking to give their tresses a break, we decided to reach out to one of our favorite Natural Hair Stylists, Markeita Pruitt of Touch of Heaven Hair Lounge, to provide some best practices for maintaining healthy hair by protective styling this Winter!

About Touch of Heaven Hair Lounge– Located in the far-north Houston suburb of Humble, Texas, Touch of Heaven Hair Lounge caters to women from all walks of life. Owner and Head Stylist, Markeita Pruitt, has 11 years professional experience caring for natural curly hair, and is best known for her protective styles and taper cuts. Markeita’s clients include everyone from working professionals to college students throughout the greater Houston area. We’ve sat down with Markeita to learn more about her background with natural hair and get the latest scoop on protective styling!

TréLuxe- Hello Markeita! We’re so glad to hear from you on this important topic! Before we get into the details of protective styling we first wanted to find out what led you to focus on natural hair styling instead of the chemical treatments/services that many Stylists rely on?

Markeita- Touch of Heaven Hair Lounge (TOH)- Hi! It’s my pleasure! From the beginning, I was never a huge fan of relaxers. It was something we were taught was a necessity. I originally had just a handful of natural clients, while servicing about 95% chemically relaxed clients. It was after seeing the damage of clients hair, as well as many suffering from underlying health conditions, that I began to educate my clientele on the risks of continuing chemically processing their hair. From there, I began transitioning clients almost as a bet! [The bet was] if their hair wasn’t healthier and fuller, I’d transition them back to relaxers. Shortly after, the natural movement surfaced and the rest was history.

TréLuxe-  Ok, so now that we’ve learned more about you and your salon, let’s talk hair! What are some important tips you can share with us for maintaining natural curls through the winter months?

Markeita (TOH)- The winter months are low humidity months, so can contribute to dryness of hair and scalp. So I suggest a nice balanced deep conditioner that delivers moisture and strength (protein) as well as a daily moisturizer and leave in that provides maximum moisture retention. Also, protective styling / low manipulation styling through these months is a great option, as this helps minimize fairy knots and retains length.  

TréLuxe-  Protective styling season is upon us. For those who don’t know, how would you define a “protective style”, and what are the main benefits of protective styling during the winter months?

Protective Style: “Any style that affords you a week or two (or more) without having to constantly manipulate the hair”.

Markeita (TOH)- Protective Styling is considered a low or no manipulation style such as two strand twists, braided / twisted updo, goddess braids, halo / crown braid – any style that affords you a week or two (or more) without having to constantly manipulate the hair. Utilizing protective styles allows next page->>>>

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  1. Penny November 26, 2017 at 8:33 pm #

    Hello, I have been relaxed free for 3 yrs., and I couldn’t handled my gray hair, so I had to do the big chop. Decided to let it grow again, I follow Bianca Rene curly girl blog, that is how I heard of your products, I live in New York. If possible for you to send me a free sample of this line, to see if it’s for my hair, before I purchase. Thank you

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