The 3 P’s of Curly Hair Maintenance

There are so many different ideas out there about how to keep curls defined, moisturized and free of breakage,  that at times it’s difficult to tell what to believe, and what to take with a grain of salt. If you’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the varying information,  let us do the work for you, by boiling it down to 3 key principles of curly hair maintenance, “The 3 P’s”.

#1- Preservation

The main goal of your curly hair routine should be to preserve the natural state of your curls. What is the natural state, you ask? Take a look at the roots of your hair, then look at your ends? What key differences do you notice? What you might find is that your roots have a bit more luster, springiness/agility, and strength. The key to maintaining these qualities throughout your head of curls is preservation. How you protect your curls from external stresses (mother nature and yourself) will dictate how long the luster, strength, and agility you see near the roots, lasts through the rest of your hair too. Here are 3 not-so-obvious things you can do to preserve your curls starting today:

-Trim your nails & mind your rings– Think of your hair as a fiber (because it is).  More specifically, think of your hair as a fine fiber like silk (which is a compound of fibers). You wouldn’t handle a new silk blouse any ‘ole type of  way, because it’s delicate.  Well guess what…so is your hair (the curlier and finer the strand, the more delicate it is)! Jagged nails and sharp rings can easily pull and snarl your curls. Mind your curls like your best silk blouse.

-Moisten your hands before touching your hair- Friction is like kryptonite to curly hair. While our products have been known to instill Superwoman-like confidence, care must still be given to keep friction under control. While some friction is bound to  happen, there are ways to minimize it by taking a more “hands-off” approach. When refreshing your hair, coat your fingertips with our Untie The Knot Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner to (1) minimize friction, (2) moisturize curls, and (3) protect strands, all at the same time. Dry hands should not touch your curls!

-Detangle with a seamless pick or comb- Your common comb is: made of plastic, mass manufactured, and created by a mold. While this helps ensure each comb is consistently produced in the same shape and style, it also ensures a lot of split ends! Molded combs next page->>>>

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2 Responses to “The 3 P’s of Curly Hair Maintenance”

  1. Carol January 26, 2018 at 11:41 am #

    Hi ,
    Im in the UK found your hair guidance very interesting.
    do you have a UK outlet that stocks and sells your hair product.

    • Robin February 17, 2018 at 7:46 pm #

      I’m in NY and had to order online. They only have stores near Chicago.

      The best hair products I’ve used.

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