Why We Run- A Natural Fit™

Why we run…cont’d

Identity -Compared to non-athlete peers, female high school athletes are less likely to be sexually active, to use drugs, and to suffer from depression (Womens Sports Foundation, 2004)

Confidence -Physical activity, and sports in particular, can positively affect aspects of self-esteem and personal development among young people (GAO, 2012)

Socialization -Sport involvement, in addition to making college attendance more likely, correlates with greater levels of overall extracurricular and community involvement. A 2007 study showed that women who played a sport in high school were 73% more likely to earn a college degree within six years of graduating high school than those who did not play sport.   (True Sports, 2012)

Achievement -When 400 female executives were surveyed, 81% of them stated that they played organized sports when growing up and continue to be physically active (Benefits of Youth Sports, 2010)

These are not just facts, but life changing outcomes! For us, this past weekend, running symbolically represented all active forms of sports and fitness…and so, we ran. We #run4RGirls

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