3 Subtle Reasons Why Your Day 2 Curls Fail

Are your curls falling flat by day 2? We know you don’t have the time to refresh and restyle every single morning.  We’ve identified 3 culprits that could be stealing your time and peace.


Heavy emollients

An emollient is an ingredient that creates a smooth and even film on the surface of the hair. Emollients are often used as anti-humectants or sealers that aim to help regulate the amount of moisture in each hair strand. They can also be used as lubricants to increase the level of slip and make for easier detangling. Additionally, some emollients can help smooth and flatten the surface of the hair cuticle, while others are lightweight enough to penetrate the cuticle.


With this in mind, it’s important to determine if an emollient is too heavy for your hair. Start by having a basic understanding of your curl strand width, or the thickness of each individual strand of your hair. If your hair width is fine to medium, you’ll want to stick with lighter emollients. On the other hand, if your hair width is medium to thick/coarse, you’ll want to look for heavier emollients. Remember that the word “heavy” is a relative term based on your curls. If you wake up and your curls are “smashed” and difficult to revive, it may be a sign that you need something more lightweight. It will take some trial and error to find a product with the right balance of emollients for your curls/waves. Our Untie The Knot Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner and Curl Supreme 4-in-1 Hydrating Creme, have light-weight emollients, such as avocado oil, broccoli seed oil, and olive squalene. These emollients are formulated to lightly coat each strand of your curls or waves without creating stubborn build-up or the waxy-dry look some products might have.

Product isn't moisturizing

The basic criteria for a product to be considered a moisturizer is that it must maintain or help the hydration level of your curls. Moisture is a property of water!  It’s important to ensure that WATER is among the top 3 ingredients on the products you use to condition and style.  You may be asking yourself, what else do my products need to have?  Humectants! A good and effective moisturizing product also includes ingredients that act as humectants. Humectants are ingredients that attract water from their surroundings and absorb it into the hair at specifically defined conditions, which include temperature and humidity.  When we discuss moisture, we can't pass up the opportunity to talk about oils and waxes.


Contrary to popular belief, these product types do not add moisture to your curls. These products act more as sealers. Oils and waxes can help to seal and hold moisture into your curls minimizing moisture loss. In order for oils and waxes to seal in moisture it’s important to ensure that your curls have moisture to begin with, before application. 

Overnight sweat and friction

No curly likes waking up with a sweaty head! Not only is it a nuisance, but sweat changes the PH balance of our scalp, which can cause frizz, sebum build-up, and itchiness! We've no time for that.

To combat this problem get yourself a satin bonnet or pillowcase. The steps you take to care for your curls/waves overnight play a critical role in why they might not be making it to day two. Protecting your curls or waves with a satin material is a great option! Satin is gentler on your curls and will significantly reduce the friction between your curls/waves and your pillowcase.


The reduced friction results in greater sheen, less breakage, and it’s great for your skin (we know this isn’t curl related, but who doesn’t want that added benefit?).  Satin is a more breathable material in comparison to other fabrics, which is beneficial if your curls are failing because of overnight sweat.  

 Are any of these subtle reasons to blame for your day-2 curl fails? Let us know in the comments!


May 20, 2022

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