4 Ways to Minimize Build-Up

One of the most common concerns we hear about in the curly community is managing build-up, flaking, and residue. Fed up with build-up?  Well, we’re sharing 4 tips that will help you keep build-up to a minimum.

1. Take it Easy on the Products

Stop using sooo many products! Yes, this seems like a simple tip, but it’s not always easy to follow. If you find yourself using more than 2 products when you’re styling your curls, waves or coils, this may be the cause behind your build-up. With so many products, you may be trying to control your curls, instead of defining them. Take a moment to look at your curl styling stash and really consider what each product is doing for your curls. Next wash day, try styling with one less product and see if you notice a difference. 


2. Clean your Scalp … Often!

A really clean scalp makes ALL the difference in your curls. Oftentimes, one wash is not enough to get rid of the build-up on your scalp. If your scalp still feels waxy, oily, slick, or sticky to the touch, or you can gently scratch your scalp and gather built-up sebum (the natural oil produced by your scalp to lubricate the hair follicle) or shed (built-up dead skin cells and hair products) underneath your nails, wash again! Getting your scalp to a really clean state will generally take 2-3 wash throughs (wash + rinse). When doing these multiple wash throughs, use our Curl Renew & Restore Gentle Cleansing Rinse. It’s specially formulated with plant-based cleansing ingredients to gently lift product residue, dirt, and debris from your delicate curls and scalp, without feeling drying. Our Curl Renew & Restore is packed with ingredients — such as slippery elm extract, squalene, coconut milk, and aloe vera — that deliver moisture, provide protection, and restore vibrancy to each of your curl strands.

3. Collaborate, not Cake!

We know many curlies like to layer multiple products in an effort to achieve more moisture and definition, but, if doing so, this must be done properly. If the products you selected are not structured/formulated in a manner that allows for cuticle penetration, then you will experience caking (flaking or residue) instead of your intended result. Many factors go into products collaborating with each other, including the weight of each ingredient in each product, the type of ingredients used to formulate each product, and the current state of your curls.  In case you're wondering, we formulated our products to work with one another and so you can have confidence when using them together. Our products are layer-able and lightweight on your curls to avoid caking, when used in moderation.

4. More Water, Less Product

A healthy strand of hair can hold up to 30% of its weight in water! Water is what allows your cuticles to lift by breaking the hydrogen bonds. Water is also what enables curl pliability, elasticity, and long(er) term moisture. Use products that protect the role water plays in your curl success. Products that contain active ingredients that are lighter in weight than water AND penetrate the curl shaft. We know the importance of water in your products and for your curls, waves or coils — so, what’s the first ingredient in all of our products? You guessed it — it’s water! 

With these factors in mind, take a moment to assess your curl routine and note the things that might be playing a role in the build-up you’re experiencing.

Put some of these tips into play and see if you notice a difference in your build-up. Remember that this is not an exhaustive list! It’s just a start, but these are all things you can control moving forward to help your curls thrive.

Which tip resonated the most? Share in the comments below OR add a relevant tip!
Jul 08, 2022

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