5 Reasons to Shop TréLuxe At Walgreens!

TréLuxe at Walgreens, TréLuxe at Walgreens, TréLuxe at Walgreens!!! It doesn't matter how many times I say it, the different voices I use, or accents I strike up, it still seems surreal that TRÉLUXE PRODUCTS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT WALGREENS! Starting September 7th 2019, our products will start hitting the shelves at over 900 Walgreens stores across the country! 

Alot of curly heads and hearts have worked diligently, tactfully, and thoughtfully over the summer to ensure this amazing partnership happens. We are grateful to our customers and the curly hair community as a whole for helping us get here. So, in case you still aren’t sure exactly how excited to get, here are five reasons to be just as stoked about this partnership as we are!

1.) Convenience

When’s the last time you used the words curls and convenience in the same sentence?? Probably not recently. Well, this partnership with Walgreens makes what appears to be a self-contradiction, possible! Each person with curly hair comes with a unique story,  journey, and curl care routine. Because of this, our curl care routines, and the products needed to support them, are sometimes in a state of change, evolution, or need fine tuning. The shift could be due to changes in environment, lifestyle, health, or pure desire! Wherever you are in your curl journey, it’s now possible to get quick access to your TréLuxe faves, given that you can probably find a Walgreens within a few miles of your home or workplace! 

With Walgreens, you get short checkout lines, purchasing in-store means no shipping fees (wohoo!), you can take "stalk the mailman" off the list of your things to do (just saying...no judgement here), and you get the ability to replenish your TréLuxe product stash in a hurry when needed!

2.) In The Nick-of-Time 

Curlies are moms/dads, educators, students, working professionals, business owners, providers, etc.- we move, we shake - we make things happen. We can’t afford to let a bad hair day, or being low on products, stop us from keeping our universe in orbit. With #TreLuxeAtWalgreens you have a trusted brand in the curly hair community within reach for your on-the-go lifestyle. The next time you run low on products and can’t wait for shipping/delivery, make a #TreLuxeAtWalgreens run, and keep your day going. Hey- some Walgreens stores are even open 24 hours, so if you realize you’re short on products right before that late-night detangling session you had planned- not to worry, there’s still hope!

3.) More Access to Clean Hair Care Products

This partnership makes sense for us because both Walgreens and TréLuxe focus on health. One of the biggest focuses of our brand is to ensure that we provide premium quality ingredients that are not only good for your hair, but also good for your body. We believe it's not just about what’s not in the product (sulfates, parabens, silicones, drying alcohols, artificial colors, phthalates) but what is as well (we use functional natural ingredient blends that help moisturize, strengthen, and fortify curly hair strands from within). 

Walgreens has always focused on health by providing easy access to prescription and over-the-counter medicinal offerings, but their beauty offerings have traditionally been more about convenience than natural ingredient standards. This is why we were super-excited to bring a curated line of natural curl care products to Walgreens shelves, and provide Walgreens shoppers with a ✔️healthy, ✔️natural, ✔️effective,✔️ curly girl approved option for curl care!

4.) Curl Care Education/Beauty Consultants

If you’ve been on your curl journey for awhile, then you know that it's important to have the right products AND be informed on the best ways to use them. There are now various options to choose from, but being able to zero-in on your specific curl concerns, and identify the most fitting solutions is important. If you’ve been following us for awhile you know we’re big on educating about how to get the most out of your curls. We're going to continue to do that online, but, we're ALSO now working to educate Walgreens Beauty Consultants (the new position that’s popping up in some Walgreens stores where they have a dedicated associate working in the beauty aisle) on our curly hair products, so they can point customers in the right direction regarding healthy curl care!

5.) A Purchase that Gives Back

Part of our brand mission is to help improve lives through beauty. We’ve always aimed to help people define themselves, enhance their lives, and inspire others, through our brand. How do we do this? Well, through product sales, we fund after school programs for at-risk girls on the Southside of Chicago, under our A Natural Fit™ initiative. 

This initiative focuses on boosting self-confidence and helping girls make healthy life choices. Thus far, we’ve provided over 1000 hours of after school programming for Chicago area youth, though our non-profit partnerships. This year, we also began offering college scholarships to low-income, at-risk girls seeking higher education. Our partnership with Walgreens will allow us to expand these initiatives, and make even greater community impact. Keep an eye out for more exciting details coming soon!

Thank you all for your support, and for helping us make this partnership possible! To help spread the news, please let your fellow curlies know about #TreLuxeAtWalgreens, and signup for our newsletter here to stay updated on our continued growth!

ALSO - if we don’t start out now with products at your nearest Walgreens store, that doesn’t mean we won’t get there eventually! Stay tuned!

Sep 02, 2019

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