5 Tips to Avoid a Bad Curly Haircut

Hey Curly! You’re probably familiar with the feeling of uncertainty that comes with getting a haircut and the doubts that run through your head before, during, and after the cut.

Will my curls fall right? Did they cut too much off? How are my curls reacting? Don’t stress, as you’re not alone in this. There are so many curlies struggling to embrace their curls because they think they “don’t look right” no matter what they try. 

In order to reach their full potential, your curls need attention, care, and a good cut. Here are our best tips for confidence in your next haircut.

A Trained Curly Hair Stylist

Having a consultation with your stylist beforehand is crucial! We recommend going to a stylist that’s trained in cutting curly hair because your curls shouldn’t be treated the same way as straight hair. Your curls are delicate and act differently, so they should be approached differently. Your stylist should be able to assess your natural curls and identify what type of cut and style will best suit you. No two curls are identical! It’s important that your stylist cuts each curl clump individually instead of in a uniform or blunt manner. A trained stylist will consider shrinkage when cutting your curls. 


Inspo Pictures

Inspiration pictures are helpful! We recommend you bring 2-3 of the look you’re going for. It’s helpful if the person in the picture has the same or a similar curl type and hair texture as you so both you and your stylist have an accurate idea of how that cut and style will look on you. Let your stylist assess the cut and style based on your curls and discuss if any changes need to be made.

Wear your Hair as Usual

Let your stylist see the way you style your curls on a day to day basis. Wearing your hair styled as usual for your appointment will allow your stylist to better understand the type of cut and style that will work best for you. Additionally, make sure your hair is clean and dry before going into your appointment to help prevent ending up with a different result than what you’re hoping for. This will mitigate any slight differences in your curls from when they’re freshly styled that might make all the difference in your final results. 



Communication with your stylist is the key to a great haircut. Talk to your stylist before the scissors are grabbed. Get their feedback on any questions you have. Ahead of your appointment share your expectations going into the haircut and the outcomes you’re hoping for. Discuss the maintenance needed for the style afterwards and any products or tools that can be helpful to you. Walk through the different options you have and the recommendations they have for you. Ensure you're listening to your stylist and that they’re listening to you. The conversation shouldn’t be one-sided, and you should feel confident that your stylist understands your curl needs. Come to an agreement on what’s best for your curls. Now is also when you can both decide how often it’s best for you to come back for a cut or trim. 


If your curls appear to change after a haircut, don’t stress!

There are many factors that change the appearance of your curls. These include the weight of your hair, the reduction of volume, the presence of layers, and the style. All of these factors contribute to the overall appearance of your curls after a cut. Allow yourself a few days to adapt to your new cut and style. That’s all from us! Take these tips into consideration and go confidently into your next cut. Remember to speak on all concerns you might have so you feel comfortable throughout the entire cut.


What are your best tips for getting the best haircut? Share them in the comments below!


Jun 10, 2022

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