Fall in Love with your Curls!

Who doesn't love fall?!? The crisp air that greets you to start your day, the morning dew on the multi-colored leaves that pepper the sidewalk, or what about the sweet and spicy smells of cinnamon and nutmeg. Who's ready for chunky sweaters, leg warmers, and layers upon layers of comfortable clothing!!!? Well, this season we invite you to fall in love with one more thing... your curls! We invite you to put away the love-hate-like-imitate relationship with your curls; and embrace every curly, kinky, and wavy strand! This season we'll be dishing out tons of info on (1) hair care tools and techniques to increase the health of your hair,(2) helping you identify the BEST curl maintenance routine for your curls and lifestyle, and (3) highlighting and reviewing tried and true protective styles for the season ahead. ALSO- all season we'll be doing giveaways, tutorials, reviews, curl challenges, meetups, and events, designed to help you gain confidence in every curl, and spread curl-love to others in need!

How can I get in on this?

(1.)  Sign up for our newsletter here to stay informed when the giveaways, challenges, and events begin! (2.)  Start using the hashtags #luvurcurls and #discoverTreLuxe now when posting your curl love pictures on social media, and tell us why you love those curls!- just tag @discoverTreLuxe so we can repost!

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Sep 27, 2015

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