How to Play with Color Part 2

How do I know if my products will do well with color? Now, what if I want to care for my color but also care for my curls? Balancing color and curl care may seem hard to do, but we’re here to tell you that both are possible! Caring for your curls doesn’t mean you have to stay away from color completely. We’ve already covered different ways you can play with color in a previous blog, and, this week, we’ve asked our chemist, Stephanie, to walk us through how some of the ingredients in our products are good for both your curls and your color.

Meet our TréLuxe Chemist!

First things first — We asked Stephanie to introduce herself to you.

“I am an experienced R&D Cosmetic Chemist that specializes in textured hair care products. I have been in the industry for 6 years and have worked in the manufacturing and lab setting. I studied Biochemistry as well as Cosmetic Science at the University of Cincinnati. A fun fact about me is that I've never relaxed or dyed my hair.”

We love having Stephanie on our team, and we knew there was no one better to walk us through how our products are formulated with ingredients that are good for your color and curls!

Inside the Ingredients

Alright curlies — Time to get a little sciencey, but don’t worry! We’ll break it down for you. Here are some of the color-loving ingredients we chose to highlight:

Get your Protein

Our 360° Curls Collection features keratin amino acids in the formula of each product in this line. These keratin amino acids increase the strength of your strands and support your hair’s elasticity (the way in which your hair “bounces” back). To go a little deeper into how this ingredient works, it contains the amino acid cysteine that can help link the disulfide bonds  in your curls. 

This is important because these are the bonds that provide strength, shape, and structure to your hair. Chemically altering your hair with color, especially lightening, jeopardizes these bonds, which is why you want to make sure you’re taking extra care of your curls after changing up your color.

Don’t Forget your Fruits

Yes, a tomato is a fruit (but…we all know it’s really a vegetable). Tomato Fruit Ferment Extract (Lactobacillus) can be found in our 360° Curls Collection. This tomato ferment strengthens and improves the structure of the hair follicle, which ultimately can help improve the overall health of your curls.  

And, in our Ultra Moisturizing Deep Conditioner (our most recent launch), you’ll find banana extract. Banana works to help strengthen the hair strands, and it has antioxidants for scalp health. Plus — it gives our Deep Conditioner some of its yummy smell!

Good for you Grains

Another great ingredient in our 360° Curls Collection is rice extract. Color treated hair is more prone to moisture loss because the color makes it high porosity. Rice extract helps condition and hydrate the hair to reduce moisture loss. 

In our Soothe & Restore Collection, you’ll find oat milk as one of the featured ingredients. Oat milk has soothing and restorative properties to strengthen and soften hair with the polysaccharides and omega-6 fatty acids it contains.

Take your Vitamins!

Your curls need vitamins too! In our Untie the Knot Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner and HI! Definition Curl Enhancer Styling Gel, you’ll find Vitamin B5. This vitamin provides that long-lasting moisture to your curls and increases the tensile strength (or resistance of your curls), which prevents breakage and damage. 

Our Soothe & Restore Collection includes Vitamin E as one of the featured ingredients. Vitamin E helps support a healthy scalp with its antioxidant properties. This collection’s focus is to bring the best of your curls to the forefront with rich and restorative ingredients. Soothe & Restore is functionally formulated to help restore curl strength and elasticity.

Long story short, there are SO many good for your curls ingredients in TréLuxe products because we know the importance of nourishing your curls and giving them the things they need. We hope this blog gives you some insight into how our products are caring for your curls. If you have any more questions over an ingredient, drop it in the comments, and we’d love to address it!


May 18, 2023

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