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Gain insight from exclusive how-to videos!

What should I use first, a serum or a gel? How on Earth do I get rid of this pesky knot? What can I do to finally tackle all of this freakin’ frizz? Trying to embrace natural curls, coils or waves can bring oh-so-many questions, and let’s be real, it can get kind of frustrating sometimes.

Kiss that frustration goodbye and find the guidance that you need with ReelCurls University! As you take in knowledge from these expert videos, you’ll learn how to confidently care for your own curls, coils or waves. What exactly do we have in mind when we say confidently care for your curls? Well, there are a few steps that we focus on: products, process, preservation, and preparation. Yup, we are fans of alliteration here! Watching and learning from videos based on these four P’s of textured hair care will help guide each of you along your unique journey!

We know there is soooooo much info out there and not all of it is helpful, which can make picking the right product or using the best technique difficult. But don’t worry, all of our videos are created by experienced curlies and vetted by #TeamTréLuxe. You can trust that the tips, routines, inspo and ideas are worth your precious time!

We’ve got a little sampler platter of curly, coily and wavy videos featured on the blog today. Check out the one geared toward your hair type and then head right in to ReelCurls University for more valuable know-how to help you hit your #hairgoals! Ready to see the videos already? Let’s dive in!

Gain curly confidence!

Watch as Lori, who explains that she once had a “boatload of hair anxiety” (sound familiar?), walks you through her styling process using our Hi! Definition Curl Enhancer Styling Gel and ReFlex Curl Styling Serum. She’ll show you how to use methods like praying hands to achieve gorgeous results that exude curl confidence.

Ready for a wavy refresh?

Equipped with the ReFlex Curl Styling Serum and the elevated Continuous Mist Spray Bottle, this experienced wavy shares a super quick refresh with soft, beachy results. Hit the easy button on your wavy refresh and learn from the wisdom of the TréLuxeTribe! Check it out!

Achieve definitely defined coily results!

Have you ever watched a coily how-to video and thought “Okay, great but HOW did you magically achieve coily goddess results?” You won’t have to worry about that today! Starting with freshly washed and conditioned tresses, Crystal takes you through the steps of styling with our Curl Defining Mousse and Aloe Vera Curl Primer. She does not skimp on any of the nuances you’ll need to try this routine at home!

Whether you’re blessed with curls, coils or waves, ReelCurls University will help you go from confused to confident on your textured hair journey. We’ll be frequently adding videos to this treasure trove of knowledge, so be sure to explore today and look out for much more to come!


Apr 26, 2024

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