TréLuxe now available at Fresh Thyme stores!

We are sooo excited to announce our partnership with Fresh Thyme Farmers Market!!! It gives us great joy to bring healthy curl care to more people in more places!!   In case you haven't heard, Fresh Thyme is a new, naturally-focused grocery chain that’s on a mission to offer high-quality natural and organic foods and healthy living products in the Midwest. Most exciting of all, they are now carrying our collection of TréLuxe healthy curl care products! Here are 4 reasons why this partnership is so exciting: 1. Convenience: If you’re focused on healthy living and like to do all your shopping at once (timesaver), this is definitely a convenient option. You can now find TréLuxe products in 55 new stores in 10 states! Visit our store locator here to find the store nearest you! 2. They’re more than just groceries! If you're looking for natural supplements, vitamins, body care, or advice about products in these areas, you can find this in a super-friendly farmers-market style environment that truly lends to the overall experience. 3. They’re growing fast, and focusing on healthy curl care products! Hey- can you blame them? They know curly girls are serious about their products and ingredients! The company has grown to 55 stores in just 3 years. TréLuxe products are now in all current Fresh Thyme stores, and they’re still opening up new locations every month. This means more products in even more places. If you hear about a new Fresh Thyme store opening up in your area, let them know you want TréLuxe products on the shelves! 4. If you’ve been following our brand for awhile, you know we’re serious about curl care education and personal empowerment. We’re partnering with each store to ensure they are well-informed about our curl care line and can answer questions about your curls! We invite you to converse! Visit our store locator to find a location near you! If there's not a Fresh Thyme or other TréLuxe retailer in your area yet, be sure to sign up here to get notified when TréLuxe products come to your city!
Mar 13, 2017

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