Unlock the Power of Ancient Ingredients: Our NEW Restorative Protein Mask

Soothe & Restore: NEW Restorative Protein Mask


We are excited to introduce the newest product to our Soothe and Restore Collection- A collection designed to counteract damage done to your hair and scalp due to environmental elements, improper care, and over-stressing of curls. 

Now, depending on where you are in your curl journey the announcement of our Restorative Protein Mask may be a Hooray! Or Not today. But, before you count yourself out based on what you think this product is all about, allow us to share what truly makes this unique AND beneficial for your curls regardless of where you are in your curl journey!

The Power of Protein 

[ proh-teen, -tee-in ]


Let’s nerd out a bit, shall we? The word protein is derived from the Greek word Proteios, which means holding first place, first rank, or primary. In other words protein is the substance in which all other things that come into being are built on! Plants need protein, organs need protein, cells need protein, bones need protein, and yes your hair needs protein.  So if you've ever been one of those people declaring “My hair doesn’t need protein!”, you can now put that misnomer to rest, because your hair needs it to. Protein provides structure and shape, without it you have limp and lifeless curls. 

Proteins are truly the building blocks of life; they are ingrained in everything we do, they've been around since the beginning and will support and sustain what is to come. So naturally, when we began formulation of the protein mask we dug in and did the research to ensure the protein found in our restorative mask was sourced from an ingredient that has a long-standing, some may say ancient reputation for sustaining and nourishing life. An ingredient that is often referred to as the mother-grain, that is actually a seed. 


Quinoa: The Pseudo Mother Grain 

Packed into this teeny-tiny seed is a powerhouse of protein with the 9 essential amino acids that work to strengthen, restore, heal, and repair, hair and skin cells. Our formula incorporates hydrolyzed quinoa protein that is designed to break down to make our Restorative Protein Mask more effective over a longer period of time, without drying or stiffening your strands. 

This Incan mother seed is higher in protein than any other grain! If you are just so done with your dull, dry hair or completely frustrated with your long-time foe: frizz, our quinoa rich Restorative Protein Mask can lead you to supple, stronger, shiny and easily manageable curls, coils or waves. It works wonders for all curls types, but is essential for anyone with dry, dehydrated or damaged hair in need of repair.

Due to the nature in which our Restorative Protein Mask was formulated, it is gentle enough to be used as a routine conditioner, while still being effective in bringing strength and structure to your curls.


Ingredients That Play A  Support Role To Your Curl Success 

In our quest to develop a protein mask that would heal damaged tresses and restore structure back to normal or better we considered ingredients that would make the star player even better in its performance!


Broccoli Seed Oil 

As we continued our journey to seek out the absolute best ingredients for your tresses, we found a curl boosting powerhouse in broccoli seed oil. Light and non-greasy, broccoli seed oil is easily absorbed into curls. It has a unique blend of essential fatty acid that makes it a valuable emollient and it’s very high in vitamins K and A. This ingredient can also be found in our Untie The Knot Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner. 


Bamboo Extract

Steeped in the traditions of ancient China, this flowering perennial plant brings so much to the table in our distinctive blend of ingredients. Bamboo can improve the density of your hair and make it stronger(structure). It can also eliminate the damaged skin cells on your scalp and bring a lustrous shine to your curls, coils or waves. 


Aloe Vera Leaf

The clean, green and soothing benefits of aloe have been used for thousands of years, since as early as 1750 B.C. This succulent plant grows in hot and dry areas around the world. While the plant may thrive in dry areas, it will provide incredible moisture for your parched tresses. Our Protein Mask is packed with aloe that brings slip, smoothing and even anti-aging properties to your worn out curls, coils or waves. And did you know that aloe is part of the firm foundation of our entire Soothe & Restore Collection?

Soothe & Restore:  NEW Restorative Protein Mask

With our uniquely formulated Restorative Protein Mask you Rid yourself of lifeless, limp, dull and frayed curls that just sit on your head! Give life back to your curls with our NEW Restorative Protein Mask, which uses the active power of Quinoa Protein, along with Oat Milk and Bamboo Extract, to revitalize stressed strands.

✔️Adds strength and structure to straggly strands 
✔️Improves the color and vibrance of over-stressed strands
✔️Coats and reinforces brittle and thinning hair 
✔️Increases strand-by-strand moisture uptake for bounce-back curl resilience 

Nov 24, 2023

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