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Aloe Vera Curl Primer 

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The Aloe Vera Curl Primer is ideal for use in curly hair salons, due to the product’s ability to:
✔️Reduce detangling time by up to 70%.
✔️Smooth and define curls for easier application of styling products.
✔️Decrease drying time without sacrificing moisture.
✔️Reduce the amount of water needed to refresh curls between wash days (helping clients save time when refreshing curls on their own).
✔️Provide results using natural ingredients, including all-natural fragrance.
✔️Can be used on all curly and wavy hair types, and all hair porosities.

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All That Curls Love!

•  100% Vegan
•  100% Natural Fragrance
•  100% Cruelty-Free
Key Ingredients:
•  Oat Milk
•  Vitamin C+E

Our Aloe Vera Curl Primer can be used as a:
Pre-Style Primer | Pre-poo Detangler | Moisturizing/Curl Clumping Refresher

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What our customers
are saying . . .

Robin Parker:    Coily Hair
“Using the primer as a leave in ...INCREDIBLE MOISTURE that remained throughout the week. Used it with one of my old reliable med-hold gels and it took my wash-n-go to the next level! Light weight, feels and looks moist, lots of volume. I'm honestly amazed!”

Teri B. :    Wavy-Curly Hair
“Liking this very much. I have fine, thick 2c-3a hair that requires a range of products in order to create the curl and hold I seek. Using this as a wetting and setting agent, followed by Reflex Serum and then a few different gels from other product lines tends to give me a nice gel cast, good shine, and three-four days of wear before I need to refresh or shampoo.” 

Beth Biester:   Curly Hair
“I wash my hair at night, and I was having difficulty finding a TreLuxe product that would be an effective refresher that I could use after my hair is already dry or mostly dry. This is it!! Highly recommend!!”

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