3 Keys to Managing (and Loving) your Type 4 Curls

Type 4 curlies: Do you frequently find yourself trying hair products that you reeeally WANT to love...but then find out the products just don't quite measure up to your expectations? Well, rest assured we've got you covered.  With a few helpful tips, and select products to treat curls from the inside out, you'll be well equipped to start showing your curls the right kind of love, and enjoying the benefits of manageable type 4 hair! As co-founder of TréLuxe, I've provided hundreds of curl consultations to people with type 4 (curly to tightly coiled) curls, and I can safely say there's often a love-hate relationship that many curlies have with their type 4 hair. The Love: • Very fine strands often make for a curlier curl, allowing for a wider range of styles than looser curls • Springier type 4 strands help your hair keep its shape for longer • The density and thickness of your strands keep your head warm and help retain heat (helpful on those cold days!) • The zig-zag, or tight corkscrew hair pattern causes your curly mane to stand up straight, reaching for the sun :) The Hate: • Fine strands that make for lots of knots • Dense curls that take days to dry after an already long wash day! • Curls that literally stand up straight on your head, despite attempts to comb, or smooth them! (Cooperate curls, cooperate!) • The breakage • The time investment 3 Keys to loving your Type 4 Curls While it may seem difficult at times to have your list of loves win over the list of hates, here are 3 simple things to consider to get more enjoyment out of your type 4 curls.  1. Cleanse with Care: Have the Right Tools You've probably learned by now that when cleansing, you can't just dive right in, unless you want your hair to come out a tangled mess. Prior to cleansing, make sure you have all the tools you need to efficiently clean hair and scalp: A bone comb- use for detangling to prevent snaring, snagging, & splitting. • Plastic hair cover - detangling may take a little longer, so to keep your curls moisturized, cover the sections that you are not working on. • Water bottle with lukewarm water- (not hot or cold) to loosen your curl pattern, without drying your curls out • The right cleansing product!  It is extremely important to have a cleansing product that not only removes excess oil and debris, but helps to build each strand, during each use. Our Curl Renew and Restore Gentle Cleansing Rinse is formulated with rice extract, keratin amino acids, and olive squalane to ensure your curls stay healthy, strong and minimize breakage.  2. Enjoy Your Maintenance Routine Having the right perspective is half the battle! Use your curl maintenance routine to enjoy time with YOURSELF. While tempting, don't rush the process. Light some scented soy candles (quick link to my favorite- this truly helps me to focus on me!), turn on some music, and tune-in to yourself and what you are doing with your curls! You will be surprised by how much you enjoy it!  3. Seek Low Maintenance & Low Manipulation Hairstyles Less manipulation leads to more defined curls, with greater length retention. Low manipulation styles don't rely on heat or heavy tension on your hair and scalp.  I highly recommend finding 2-3 simple styles that can be easily jazzed-up with hair jewels or ornaments to give you a fresh look- such as a 2-strand twist styled into a bun, or a pinned-updo style, in addition to your go-to type 4 hairstyle. To save time in your regimen, rely on dual purpose products that condition and style at the same time. Our Curl Supreme 4-in-1 Hydrating Creme is designed to hydrate, strengthen strands, protect hair from moisture loss, and style with soft hold. It's perfect for adding a bit of hold to extend your low manipulation styles while helping your type 4 curls hold on to much needed moisture. You also want to style with  products that allow you to clump your dense curls without weighing them down. Our ReFlex Curl Styling Serum is great for any low-manipulation hair styles and works in combination with our Curl Supreme for twistouts, wash-and-go's, and rod set styles. ReFlex provides you with just enough slip to detangle while styling, and it envelops your type 4 strands to clump your curls and minimize frizz.  Do you have any additional tips and tricks to get the most out of  your type 4 curls? Share in the comments below! -Cortney S.
Mar 21, 2018

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