5 Reasons to shop TréLuxe at Whole Foods!

Hey! Did you hear the news?!? TréLuxe products are coming to Whole Foods Market 3/1/16! Woohoo! In response to many requests from our growing customer base, we're making our products more accessible on the ground- from the store shelves > to your hands > to your hair- our partnership with Whole Foods is a great start! Here are our top 5 reasons why you should visit Whole Foods to pick up TréLuxe products for yourself, or that special "curlfriend" in your life!

Reason #5 - For the "on the go" lifestyle in you!

1-stop healthy lifestyle shopping is a real time saver! While getting your healthy‬ meal ingredients, or hangin out at the Whole Foods Bar‬, don't forget your curls need nourishment too! You'll soon be able to swing by the Whole Body‬ Department, just a few aisles over to pick up  your favorite TréLuxe curl care products. Our products are formulated to bring moisture back to dry curls and revitalize weak strands with premium natural‬ ingredients. Great for curls of all types & textures!

Reason #4- For the "knowledge seeker" in you!

The only thing worse than not finding your favorite products in stores- is finding them, then asking curly hair questions that no one in the store can answer! Ain't nobody got time for that! Luckily, Whole Foods values product knowledge. Rest assured that we're working to train the Whole Body staff on the TréLuxe curl collection to help you make conscious‬ curl care decisions for healthy, vibrant curls!

Reason #3- For the "label reader" in you!

We understand...you do it out of habit!  You're use to picking up products that seem worth-a-try, only to find out they contain ingredients that might strip, dry out, or damage your delicate tresses; or cause other harmful effects. Whole Foods takes a lot of the guesswork out- they only allow products to hit the shelves after their specialists review every ingredient to make sure it meets their whole body standards! In case you were wondering...TréLuxe products don't contain parabens, sulfates, silicones, phylates, or artificial colors! TréLuxe products DO contain rich natural butters, light natural oils, plant extracts, water soluble ingredients, and all-natural blends to nourish, hydrate, strengthen, and define curly hair!

Reason #2- For the "conscious shopper" in you

The mission of TréLuxe is to help people Define themselves, Enhance their lives, and Inspire others. We live this out through our curl care line that helps people of all cultures to take confidence in their appearance using effective, natural products; our educational focus to help people create their own definition of beauty; and our initiatives to help people in communities in need to live healthier lives. Whole Foods has a record of supporting small business and community, and we're VERY excited about the initiatives we're developing to further our mission through the partnership. By shopping TréLuxe at Whole Foods, you're supporting community empowerment and sending a message that this is important to you. More details to come!

Reason #1- For the “let me try it first” in you

When we offer our products at expo's, we invite you and your senses, to touch, play, smell and see for yourself, in a non-committal way. You can't do that at every store (at least not without getting the side eye from that store associate watching you pry off the top of that jar of styling creme to check the consistency)! Whole Foods encourages the full experience, so each store will be outfitted with TréLuxe product testers to appease your curiosity!

The store list drops on 3/1/16. Be sure to sign up here bit.ly/1RXQmdq to get notified when TréLuxe products come to your city!

Feb 28, 2016

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