Winter Curl Care Product Guide

As the temps drop outside, so does the moisture level in the air. We can heat our homes to deal with the temperature, but this does little to increase the moisture level, which quickly leads to dry, brittle, ratty, and unmanageable curls. For these reasons, moisture and protection become the top winter concerns for most curlies; BUT, we still want frizz free curls too! Not to worry- we've got both areas covered! The most prevalent ingredients in our product line are Water and Aloe Vera, so if it's hydration your looking for, you've definitely found it! Especially with our best-selling Untie the Knot Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner, which is also a potent, get-to-the-root-of-the-knot, detangler. Our products also include our 360° Curl Complex with Tomato extract and Amino Acids, which is able to penetrate through the cuticle layer of hair strands to deliver long lasting moisture, increase curl elasticity, and strengthen hair strands from the inside out! For extra protection against moisture loss, our Curl Supreme 4-in-1 Hydrating Creme includes light natural oils and rich natural butters. It can also be used on the ends of straight hair to protect against brittleness and breakage. For wash-and-go styling, our Hi! Definition Curl Enhancer Styling Gel helps to sculpt curls, while still maintaining the moisture balance needed to wear this style in winter weather. This product is concentrated enough to last the entire winter for most people, as a little really does go a long way. A dime to nickel sized amount per hair section is usually enough to get the job done. If you think you need to use more, add more water, not more product. If you have fine strands, try our ReFlex Curl Styling Serum instead- it's a lighter formula that won't weigh down your curls or waves, and still provides frizz control. It's also great for set styles like perm-rod and flexi-rod sets on all hair textures due to its silky smooth liquid consistency, and flexible hold. Which of these products do you think will most help your winter curl care regimen?? Comment below! Sign up for our newsletter to get notified of new hair care education posts!
Dec 23, 2016

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