5 Ways You Can Restore Damaged Curls

Hello July! We’ve got a month full of new content and fresh curl advice lined up! Grab your fave refreshing drink, relax, and take in all that we have for you today.

You’ll find helpful tips on how to restore damaged curls, waves & coils and the importance of keeping your tresses moisturized. Plus, we’re kicking off this month the right way – with some incredible savings. 

Common Culprits of Damaged Curls

Are you frying your hair? Watch out for Heat!

Heat styling tools tend to use very high temperatures that can severely damage your curls. If you have fine curls, use a lower heat setting – below 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have thicker curl strands, you can use heat that’s between 200 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. You shouldn’t be applying any heat that’s over 400 degrees Fahrenheit to your curls. As you style your curls, pay attention to how your strands respond to the heat and lower or increase the temperature accordingly.

Make sure to pay attention to your styling tool. If it’s getting extremely hot very quickly or the plastic coating around the heat plates are very warm, that might be a sign that the tool is too hot. If this is the case, don’t use the styling tool on your hair.

Love color? We do too! But don’t over do it.

Overly coloring and processing your hair without the right preparation and aftercare can weaken your curls.

Some signs of curls that may be over processed include:

  • curls feeling limp and mushy when wet
  • curls feeling dry and brittle when dry
  • not holding color well
  • a hard or stiff feeling to your curls that wasn’t previously there

Before coloring, make sure you take these steps to help prepare your curls for processing:

  • Use products that will provide your curls with extra moisture leading up to your appointment.
  • Clarify a few days before your appointment to allow for color to stick to your curls evenly.
  • Go to your appointment with clean hair that has little to no product in it. You don’t need to wash your hair the day of the appointment but at least within the last day or 2. It’s important to apply any chemical process with clean hair to avoid any unexpected results.

Spend Summer in the sun, but make sure to protect your curls!

Prolonged exposure to harsh heat, cold, and even wind can also cause some damage to your curls. If you frequently find yourself spending extended periods of time outside in the heat, cold, or harsh wind, it is possible that it’ll result in damage to your curls. However, if you don’t find yourself spending time outside very frequently, and it’s just for occasional events or activities, then you don’t have to worry about damage to your curls as much.

 We often forget about or don’t think of these culprits of hair damage, but don’t stress! Here are multiple ways you can aid in restoring the current damage on your curls and prevent future damage.

Five Ways you can Restore and/or Prevent Damage

1. Add Moisture

Products that add moisture to your curls are formulated with ingredients that penetrate the curl cuticle to condition, hydrate, soften, and nourish the hair strand. Incorporate moisturizing products into your everyday routine.

You’ll want to use products that’ll provide intense moisture if you’re often exposing your curls to the sun, chlorine in a pool, color/chemical treatment, and/or heat, as these elements can strip your curls, waves & coils of moisture.

TréLuxe products have you covered! All of our products contain water and aloe vera as the base ingredients, which provide your curls with the moisture you need. Plus, the avocado oil and coconut oil in our Untie the Knot Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner and Curl Supreme 4-in-1 Hydrating Crème add extra moisture to your curl routine.

2. Protein

Protein essentially fills in gaps in the cuticle, or outermost layer of the hair strand, and hardens the strand to improve elasticity, strength, and overall appearance. If your curls, waves or coils feel dry and break easily, that may be a sign you need to add protein to your routine. Protein helps to strengthen your curl strands. All TréLuxe products contain keratin amino acids, a protein that’ll fortify your strands and help your curls thrive.

3. Avoid Heat and Color When Possible

You don’t have to avoid these two completely. We know it’s not realistic for a lot of people, but try to stay away from heat styling tools and overly processing your hair if you can. Give your curls a little bit of a break so they have time to recover. If you are using heat or color, make sure you protect your curls with the proper nourishment, heat protectant, or even by lowering the temperature on your styling tools.

4. Protect your Curls from Environmental Exposure

It’s summertime, so you want to make sure you’re protecting your curls from the damage of UV rays with a physical covering, like a hat, or with curl care products formulated specifically to protect from the sun.

5. Get Regular Trims

Regularly trimming the ends of your hair can help prevent split ends from traveling further up the hair shaft and causing more damage. 

Have you learned something new today about repairing hair damage? If so, we hope it’ll help you with your summer curl care. As you enjoy the warm weather, look after your curls, make the most out of this new month, and don’t forget to grab your TréLuxe faves before heading on your next trip!

Jul 01, 2022

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