Defined Finger Coils in 4 Easy Steps!

A few days ago, on Instagram, we shared a picture of a few different styling techniques I tried on my Aunt using TréLuxe products over the holidays. I was really set on showing my Aunt what her curls could do with the right products and techniques.
The finger coils (bottom right image of the pic above) got a lot of attention and inquiries, so I decided to dedicate an entire post to the finger coil technique! This style creates a unique and fun look, and is a great way to showcase your curls and their versatility; especially for those who haven't mastered their wash and go routine yet. Also, if done with the right products and maintained properly, this style can last beyond the 3-4 day norm! Here are 4 easy steps to get your finger coil game in order for 2016, all of which I used to create these poppin curls!  1. Ensure your hair is fully saturated with warm water ????before applying any products. This will open up the hair's cuticles, allowing for some of the natural ingredients in the products to be absorbed,  and also making the hair easier to manipulate. Divide your hair into different sections. If hair starts to dry, re-wet using a spray bottle filled with  warm water. 2. Apply our Untie the Knot Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner. Proceed section by section, applying just enough to coat the section you are focusing on. Untie the Knot is formulated with ingredients including our all natural 360 Curls Complex, and olive squalane, which penetrate through the hair's cuticle layer to nourish and keep hair moisturized. 3. Apply just a dab of our Hi! Definition Curl Enhancer Styling Gel to coat the area you're working on (no heavy-hands allowed!) while hair is still wet. Rake the product through your curly strands. Hi! Definition Curl Enhancer Styling Gel was formulated to be used in very small quantities, allowing you about twice as many uses as other gels- from 1 jar. I like using Hi! Definition for finger coils because it's thick enough to help clump strands together, but not sticky or tacky, however, if you have fine hair that is easily weighed down, you can try this step using our ReFlex Curl Styling Serum instead, which has a little less hold, but is a lighter product. ReFlex Curl Styling Serum applies smoothly, and is not sticky or tacky either. 4. Hold the section of hair that you just applied Hi! Definition Curl Enhancer Styling Gel to in between your index finger and thumb, and begin twirling➰ the hair around your index finger in a downward motion 4-8 times (more times for thicker/coarser hair, or longer hair). Try to get as  close to the scalp as possible when you begin each coil! Pro tips: The key ???? to this look is ensuring you twist in the direction your hair grows. How do you figure this out? Look closely???? at the section you just coiled. If the curl strands begin to separate as soon as you finish coiling, this is an indicator that your hair may grow in the opposite⤵️ direction in which you twirled. If this happens, don't fight against your curls; instead, give it a trying going in the other direction⤴️. Use a bigger section when coiling for larger coils, and a smaller section for smaller coils. You can shop for the products that were used here, and if you give the style a try, post your results on Instagram or Facebook and tag us to get featured! Best Curls! -CS Sign up for our newsletter to get notified of new hair education posts!
Jan 24, 2016

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