Just Add Water- getting the most out of your hair care regimen

The search for the perfect curl can take us to great lengths, and sometimes cause us to try anything to gain and maintain it. Curl activators, texturizers, heavy oils, wire rods, paper bags, sleeping on our faces, and sleeping while sitting up, have all been used to try to achieve flawless curls. While it may work for a moment, we typically end up disappointed, frustrated, and for the unique sleeping routines, left with a stiff neck. Other products have their place in your hair care regimen, but for the best long term results, a foundation of water based products usually works best. H2o and Curly Hair You might find that your hair is most manageable and defined while wet. The reason for this? Water molecules seep through the hydrogen bonds in your hair, loosening these bonds, and thereby relaxing the strands of your hair and making them most pliable (it’s during this time when you want to be extremely gentle with your hair as this is when it’s most vulnerable). This is the perfect time to condition your hair, then immediately set your curl pattern. Conditioners that contain vitamins, amino acids, and natural extracts can help to nourish hair while moisturizing, as hair absorbs water and starts to return to a normal state. After proper hydration, you can then follow up with heavier oils, butters, and/or creams for reinforcement, to help seal in and retain the moisture that's now been added.  If you’re looking to liven up your curls and your current regimen is short on h2O, try this curl quenching routine: moisturize with water based products*, then style. *Learn more about Untie the Knot™ Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner: a moisturizing and detangling conditioner, and great foundational product for your current hair care regimen.
Feb 24, 2014

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