Protect Your Curls from Yourself

We can be our own worst enemies when it comes to proper curl care. Most of the time we don’t even realize it! There are things we do or items we use in our day to day lives that can be detrimental to our curl health. Here are some of the things we’ve noticed about unconscious curl sabotage.

Accessorize but do so carefully!

Maintain your curl length and health by selecting jewelry that does not have hooks and/or sharp pointed ends. When it comes to necklaces, fine/thin chains with loops will catch your curls every time. The same applies to bracelets that can get stuck in your curls when tucking your hair behind your ear or doing anything that involves running your hands by your curls. Another common culprit are rings that are easy for your curls to get stuck on or wrapped around. Be careful when running your fingers through your curls while wearing rings!

Now, let’s talk about other accessories, including hats, headbands, and decorative clips. Be aware of any snaps or buckles on hats and headbands that can catch your curls. When using clips or pins in your hair, be cautious not to get your curls tangled in them when applying or removing them. If you're looking for the perfect accessory, check out our 100% genuine leather, handcrafted headbands for curly hair — available in Nude + Pink and Metallic Gold + Teal!  

Be aware of your choice of material!

The material of your clothing matters! Fibers are attracted to fibers. Hair is a fiber. Clothing materials that are rougher and have larger loops can catch hair. Some materials to look out for include wool, yarn, loose cotton, and tweed. We know — we love our thick, cozy cardigans and sweaters too! You don’t have to avoid them completely, simply be conscious of how the material of your clothing rubs against your curls. If you choose to wear a rougher material, consider wearing your hair up to prevent your curls from getting caught on your clothing.

Examine your hair tools!

The type and quality of the tools you use on your curls can be more harming to your curls than you realize. Avoid tools that are:

  1.  Too sharp — tools that are unnecessarily sharp can damage your curls and hurt your scalp. 
  2. Have seams — such as manufactured combs or picks. Your curls can get caught on these seams and lead to breakage.
  3. Don’t flex — healthy curls have the ability to flex, and it’s important that the tools we use do as well.
  4. Are porous — for healthy scalp and hair, avoid tools that are considered porous as microbes and bacteria could grow and cause poor hair and scalp health.

Get that manicure!

What does a manicure have to do with curls? Well, split nails, hangnails, or a no-chip that has outgrown and is in desperate need of attention can contribute to split ends, ripping, and breaking. This is more reason for you to treat yourself to manicures on a weekly basis — do it for your curls!

With these culprits in mind, can you pinpoint which one(s) may be the cause behind your unconscious curl sabotage? 

Aug 12, 2022

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