Relaxers & Fibroids- valid concern or media hype??

Hair relaxers and fibroids: two words you probably never thought you’d hear in the same sentence. At least not until a 2012 study surfaced showing a small link between the two, which has recently gained renewed media attention.

As the natural beauty care market has heated up over the past few years, many people have used scare tactics to generate attention, or to coerce women into changing their traditional beauty care regimens for various purposes. While many doomsday tales of using “non-natural” products are blown out of proportion, some valid (and usually less severe) concerns have been raised. The study mentioned in the attached story is one that seems to have the backing of the medical community. The health link discussed is admittedly very small (and some researchers say inconclusive), but still, the fact that there’s more mainstream research being devoted to issues that disproportionately affect minority women is promising.  Having access to more information empowers us all to make more well informed decisions.  You can read more details on the study here. So…do the findings of the study concern you? Would it cause you to change your beauty care habits?

Jan 29, 2014

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