Say Hello to Our Soothe & Restore Curl Defining Mousse!

Meet Our NEW product line!

Are you feeling like your tresses need some serious help? Our Soothe & Restore Collection has you more than covered. This line is rich with restorative, plant-based ingredients to rejuvenate your curls from the damage caused by daily styling and environmental stresses.

After years of research and development, we are beyond thrilled that our first Soothe & Restore product debuted on Black Friday. We’d like to introduce you to your NEW BFF, our unrivaled Curl Defining Mousse! You might be shaking your head and thinking “unrivaled” is a pretty bold claim, but, my curly friend, here’s why it is absolutely the best stuff out there!

One Mousse With So Many Benefits

Our Curl Defining Mousse is 100% vegan, contains 100% natural fragrance, and is both 100% gluten-free and cruelty free. And, pssst…, these high product line standards form the firm foundation of more amazing Soothe & Restore products that we will be rolling out.

All right, now back to the mousse that your tired and stressed tresses have been waiting for! With just a hint of scent, this mousse is a versatile powerhouse that can be used on dry or wet curls and is ideal for unreal wash-and-go results. I mean just look at the incredible volume that Victoria achieved in this #washday routine!

Our Mousse Equals Moisture

If your curls, coils or waves are so parched that they make a crunchy sound like the rustling of dry straw, when you touch them, YOU. NEED. THIS. MOUSSE. It is so moisturizing that you could actually leave behind the leave-in conditioner on your #washday.

We know that this is another bold claim, but we also know that our mousse is loaded with conditioning ingredients like Oat Milk and Vitamin E. It provides hold while delivering so much moisture and even correcting damage to curls’ cuticles along the way!

How to Get the Best Results

For best hold and definition, use it on wet hair. Give the mousse a few solid shakes. Or you can even shake it while doing a happy dance. We get it! We are sooooo excited that our mousse is loose too! Start with 1-2 full pumps and add more pumps as needed to evenly distribute the product through all of your hair. Our no-flake mousse works well for a refresh on dry or damp hair too.

We have been thrilled with the unparalleled volume, definition and hold that this mousse has brought to all types of tresses and are confident that you will love your results too. Once you are done styling your curls, coils or waves, guess what you won’t find left behind? Sticky residue on your hands! Yup, it’s practically magic!

Mix and Match Our Products

Looking to mix and match the mousse with our 360° Curls Collection? The Hi! Definition Curl Enhancer Styling Gel and Curl Supreme 4-in-1 Hydrating Crème are great places to start, but feel free to get creative! Now if you are wondering if you would apply the mousse or the gel first in your routine, we’ve got an awesome video with side-by-side results. Check it out!

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Dec 02, 2022

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