Some frequently asked questions below. Of course, you can contact us also.

How does your points program work?

When you are logged in, purchasing products adds reward points to your account. You can also earn points for other actions (listed below). On subsequent orders, you can use your accumulated points on the cart page to get cash discounts, OR, you can donate them! To check your point balance, click the "Rewards" icon at the bottom of the page. When you redeem reward points, the points will be applied as a discount code for the associated point value.

TréLuxe will donate at least $1 to charity for every 75 reward points you give. You can now support great causes just by buying great products; and also treat yourself to exclusive reward point discounts!

*You must be logged into your account to accumulate points.

How do I accumulate points?

Account signup at checkout (earn 25 points). On the checkout page click “save my information for a faster checkout” to save your name, address, etc. for easy use in future orders.

Product purchase* (earn 170-220 Points, depending on the product). Points are added after purchase.

*You must be logged into your account to accumulate points for product purchases. Points do not apply to shipping or taxes.

**You can only earn points for a product review one time for each product.

What can I do with points?

Use accumulated points for discounts on products. You can decide whether to use some, all, or none of your points by clicking "Redeem your TréLuxe rewards”.

Donate your points to support women’s & girls health & fitness, and economic empowerment initiatives. Donations go to programs that help women and girls to build confidence in themselves, providing physical, mental, and economic empowerment. 375 points = $5 donation, 750 points = $10 donation, 1,800 points = $25 donation.

Check out the “How do I redeem my points” section for step-by-step details on how to apply your points for discounts or donations.

How do I redeem my reward points?

From the “add to cart” page

--click the “Redeem your TréLuxe Rewards” button, and the rewards button at the bottom of the page will expand

--Click “Ways to redeem”, then click “Show”

--Click in the points field and use the up or down arrows next to the number of points to adjust the amount of points you want to redeem, if needed

--Click “Redeem”

--Click “Apply Code”, and the code generated for your point total will automatically apply at checkout

--Exit the rewards box by clicking on the x located in the top right corner of box 

--Click “checkout" and complete your order!

What charity organizations do you support?

Girls with Sole is an organization that uses free fitness and wellness programs to empower the minds, bodies and souls of girls who are at-risk or have experienced abuse.  Girls with Sole Programs are designed to encourage girls to strengthen their minds and bodies while having fun, learning teamwork and building a sense of belonging.  Participants get free running shoes, sports bras, water bottles, race entries and other healthy lifestyle benefits.

Girls in the Game empowers girls to make healthier choices and develop the confidence and leadership skills they need to succeed. Girls in the Game exposes minority girls from underprivileged backgrounds to diverse fitness options from yoga and lacrosse to soccer and dance, while also providing nutrition and health education.

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