Some frequently asked questions below. Of course, you can contact us also.

Are your products safe for use on kids?

Yes, we recommend using our products no sooner than 6 months old and doing a patch test to ensure our ingredients are not an irritant to their delicate skin

How do your products mix with products from other brands?

Our products are designed to work well together. We suggest that upon first use, you try our products on a clean head, after washing out any other brand’s products. Since we haven’t tested every brand and ingredient under the sun, we can’t say exactly how our products will work when mixed with every other brand’s products. If you plan on pairing our products with your favorite natural oils, butters, or another brands products, we suggest you wait until after you see what our brand’s products can do on their own.

What’s the shelf life of your products?

Under normal conditions, our products should last at least 1.5 - 2 years without change in performance. If you have questions about the shelf life of a specific product or products from a specific order, reach out to us here and we can assist.

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