Definition & Moisture For Days, With Less Time Styling


4.8 out of 5 | +143.000 customers

The Coily Style & Refresh™ Set
The Coily Style & Refresh™ Set
The Coily Style & Refresh™ Set
The Coily Style & Refresh™ Set
The Coily Style & Refresh™ Set
The Coily Style & Refresh™ Set
The Coily Style & Refresh™ Set
The Coily Style & Refresh™ Set
The Coily Style & Refresh™ Set
The Coily Style & Refresh™ Set
The Coily Style & Refresh™ Set
The Coily Style & Refresh™ Set
The Coily Style & Refresh™ Set
The Coily Style & Refresh™ Set
The Coily Style & Refresh™ Set
The Coily Style & Refresh™ Set

Definition & Moisture for days, with less time styling

The Coily Style & Refresh™ Set

(Primer + Leave-in + Mousse)


4.8 out of 5 | +143,000 customers

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" Endless length, definition & poppin' coils all week! A little goes a looong way. ” - Olivia T.

  • Long lasting curl definition + moisture + volume 
  • Retain length, reduce shrinkage
  • Ditch the wash DAY commitment | reduce detangling by up to 70% 
  • Strengthen & fortify weak strands in every use

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Why choose the Style & Refresh™ Set?

You shouldn't have to fight with yourself to embrace YOUR curls! The frustrations of breakage, dryness, excessive frizz, and undefined curls are over. We've spend years of development to create formulas that will consistently deliver moisture, extend wash day results, and prevent over-manipulation, all while using only high quality ingredients.

- Cortney Sigilai, Co-founder of TréLuxe


Aloe Vera Curl™ Primer (aka The Time Saver)

8 fl oz/ 236.5 ml

  • Save up to 70% less time detangling
  • Reduce drying time significantly, without sacrificing moisture.
  • Smooth and define curls & coils, allowing for easier application of styling products
  • Use up to 80% less water, for less messy refreshes
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Untie The Knot™ Leave-In Conditioner

8 fl oz/ 237 ml

  • Slippery consistency for easy detangling
  • Active natural ingredients penetrate the hair shaft to deliver moisture, strengthen strands, and increase curl elasticity.
  • Leaves curls and coils soft and manageable throughout the day.

Soothe & Restore™ Curl Defining Mousse

7.1 fl oz/ 231 ml

  • Defines curls and coils, while adding volume. 
  • Alcohol-free formula provides hold without drying out strands
  • Silky smooth foaming mousse consistency is easy to spread throughout curls and coils, without any flaking
  • Excellent for wash-and-go styling, and for refreshing curls between wash days for extra definition

CGM Approved

Cruelty Free

Color Safe


★★★★★ Join the fastest growing curly hair community

Love the results, or your money back!

When I get excited about a product, I start singing. Today will be no exception.

We offer a risk-free money-back guarantee with each order.

★★★★★ +143,000 happy curl-friends



The TréLuxe Difference

Curly Brands

Up to 5-7 days of moisture and definition - minimal refresh 

Falls flat after 2-3 days

Defines & maintain moisture, for touchable, flexible curls

Define curls but dry out hair strands

Lightweight oils that don’t weigh down strands

Heavy oils/butters that grease and weigh down curls and can lead to breakage

No parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicone, or artificial colors.

Use many synthetic ingredients that can damage hair health.

Water-soluble and easy to wash out, preventing product build-up

Not water-soluble which leads to product build-up 

Active ingredients that penetrates hair shaft for long-lasting moisture

Feature heavy oils to coat strands and give a false sense of moisture 

Long lasting, TOUCHABLE definition, without flaking

Styling products create buildup or flaking

Money-back Guarantee

If you don't love your purchase in the first 30 days, we will issue you a refund.

We take the risk out of finding the right products, as we know that it can sometimes be costly.

This is why all orders are backed by our 30-day curl satisfaction guarantee.

We are confident in the results of our products and stand behind them – and we want you to be satisfied.



The Coily Style & Refresh Set works on all types of coily and curly/coily hair types (4A, 4B, 4C).  If your hair type fits into this range and you're looking for long lasting curl definition with moisture and volume, then this Set is for you!

So ditch the product junkie lifestyle!

Take action now and get the curls you have always dreamt of.

★★★★★ +143,000 happy curl-friends

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Customer Reviews

Based on 175 reviews
Diane (New Bern, US)
Curl Defining Mousse is the BEST!

This is the best mousse/foam that I’ve ever used. It is absorbed quickly and so much lighter than others I have tried. Even using this with other non/Treluxr products I always get the volume my hair needs. I’ll never be without this!

Kacy Hintz (Atlanta, US)
Don't Know I lived Without This!

I use this as a styler. Once hair is washed and clean I add to wet hair and follow I with the curl gel. I love it! Soft and smooth! Feels like butter!

Kristen Valente (Phoenix, US)
Next Level Curls!

I always use a foam, so I was excited to try this one. My curls are defined and shining...and they last. Even better, I just did a refresh using 1 pump of the foam and just grazing over my 3 day curls and then scrunching them and they are shiny and defined (and smell good!). Travel size please!!!

Debbie Barbone (Bethpage, US)
Curl defining mousse is the BEST

I know most everyone has natural curly hair, but I have a perm. After seeing results, I thought I should give it a try. Let me tell was great even on the perm. My last perm was 9 months ago and it just bounced my curls up. I love your products and will keep on using them

S. Robertson (Warren, US)
So soothing!

I love the Aloe Vera Curl Primer! I like to apply it to my hair after cleansing and conditioning (Curl Renew & Restore and Untie the Knot). After brushing it through my hair I’ll put on a shower cap. 10-15 minutes later I’ll rinse it out completely and then add my favorite TreLuxe Styling products to my hair. The primer makes easy work of detangling my hair and I also find it so soothing for my scalp.

Emily Kerwood (Painesville, US)
Where has this been all my life?!

I am 46 years old and for the first time in my entire life I love my hair! Products are so good my 15 year old stole them and I need to order a second set!

Angela Miller (Huntsville, US)
Smells good, feels even better

This product has a great smell and my hair feels so soft and easy to style after I use it. I only have to finger comb my hair when I use this- no comb needed! I had tried several other products but my hair would be dry and frizzy within a few hours . Tre Luxe products have been a game changer for me!

Elizabeth A (New York, US)
Great Mousse

I have a hard time with products that have a strong smell. Not only does this product work really well, but it doesn't mess with my sensitivities to fragrance. Has just the right amount of hold. I'm on my third bottle now.

Maria S. (Olyphant, US)
Great but Expensive

My curls thank you! My wallet does not thank you. The product is great for my fine curly curls.

Cynthia Shaw (Charlotte, US)
Love, love, love

I love the TreLuxe products! Better yet, my curly hair loves the TteLuxe products! I have used multiple products from TreLuxe and I have to say, they are all great!!!