360° Curls Collection Routine
360° Curls Collection Routine
360° Curls Collection Routine
360° Curls Collection Routine
360° Curls Collection Routine
360° Curls Collection Routine
360° Curls Collection Routine
360° Curls Collection Routine
360° Curls Collection Routine
360° Curls Collection Routine
360° Curls Collection Routine
360° Curls Collection Routine
360° Curls Collection Routine
360° Curls Collection Routine


4.6 out of 5 | 143,000+ customers

360° Curls Collection Routine

Shampoo + conditioner + stylers


4.9 out of 5 | 143,000+ customers

If my hair could talk I honestly think they would say.. ‘girl why did you wait so long’!” - Adalmari L.

Based on our 6-time award-winning, CGM-approved 3M™ formula, this revolutionary curly hair routine is tested and proven to effectively and effortlessly leave your curls beautiful, voluminous and healthy-looking for up to 5-7 days without the need for refreshing.
Tested & proven to work for all curls types.




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Trusted By 143,000+ Curl-friends Worldwide

Why choose the 360 bundle?

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Love the results, or your money back!

The best wash and go's I've ever had.
Lasted for days while retaining excellent definition and minimal frizz with no flaking or dryness.

We offer a risk-free money-back guarantee with each order.

★★★★★ 143,000+ happy curl-friends



The TréLuxe Difference

Curly Brands

Up to 5-7 days of curl definition with no refresh 

Leave curls falling flat after 2-3 days, requiring frequent hair refreshing

Define curls AND maintain moisture, for touchable, flexible curls

Define curls but dry out hair strands

Use lightweight oils that don’t weigh down fine hair and delicate strands, allowing curls to have more “bounce” and elasticity

Use heavy oils and butters that make hair look greasy, weigh down fine strands, and can lead to breakage

Are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicone, and artificial colors

Use many synthetic ingredients that can damage hair health.

Are water-soluble and easy to wash out, preventing product build-up

Not water-soluble so they are hard to wash out, which leads to product build-up 

Include active botanical ingredients that penetrate the hair shaft to provide long-lasting moisture

Feature heavy oils to coat strands and give a false sense of moisture 

Money-back Guarantee

If you don't love your purchase in the first 30 days, we will issue you a refund.

We take the risk out of finding the right products, as we know that it can sometimes be costly.

This is why all orders are backed by our 30-day curl satisfaction guarantee.

We are confident in the results of our products and stand behind them – and we want you to be satisfied.


So ditch the product junkie lifestyle!

Take action now and get the curls you have always dreamt of.

★★★★★ 143,000+ happy curl-friends

Love it, or your money back!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Heidi Z. (Dansville, US)
My curls are loving Tre Luxe!!!

I had straight hair growing up and then in my early twenties my hair decided to go curly. I had no idea how to do curly hair and spent the majority of my adult life straightening my hair. I’m tired of straightening it and have been learning how to do curly hair. I just tried Tre Luxe and it’s a game changer!!! Now I like my curls!! And my curls like Tre Luxe!!!

T.V. (Trenton, US)
Hair type: Wavy-Curly
Hair concern: Frizz, Volume, Color Protection
Better than Expected

I saw the product online and did not know if it would actually work for someone with short wavy hair. My hair looks healthy and the styling is much easier.

P Leah Evers (Pocahontas, US)
Hair type: Wavy
Hair concern: Damaged Hair, Frizz, Color Protection
Works great!

Great results. Literally I was able to roll out of bed and go the next morning. Super ease of use and curls that last!

Carmen S (Plymouth, US)
Hair type: Curly
Hair concern: Frizz, Volume
So Much Goodness

I recieved my TreLuxe order yesterday and promptly opened it up of course! These products all smell AMAZING!!!! I feel like, to me anyway, the conditioner is the only one with a different scent which is Fall in a Bottle! lol. the other products do not disappoint in the scent department either, they smell awesome and somewhat similar. I washed my hair last night before bed and put in the LOC. This morning I wet my hair down and added just a smidge more LOC and then went in with the stylers.....yes all of them....because I am extra LOL....I havent had this good of a hair day in a minute. soft and bouncy and defined and just yummy lol I say if you are on the fence just get the multi pack because you can try them all and see what you like. 100% recommend and will be a repeat customer. I am sitting at my desk and I can still smell the amazing scent when I turn my head. It slightly reminds me of the sweetness of laundry detergent or fabric softner if that makes any sense. Scent is so very personal so it will vary.

Kathy Murphy (Wilmington, US)
Hair type: Curly
Hair concern: Volume
360 Bundle

The 360 bundle is great. I have had issues with my curly hair for a long time. This product really works. Just have to learn to use it properly and you will look fantastic.

Linnette Vasisko (Johnson City, US)
Hair type: Curly
Hair concern: Damaged Hair, Frizz, Dry Hair, Color Protection, Tangled Hair
Curly hair

I’ve never embraced my curly hair, but as I have gotten older I realize I must start. So I’ve been studying instagram and Facebook looking for videos and comments on products. And everyone seems to like Treluxe. So I’m giving it a try. I’ve only had it a week, my curls seem to like the products. But I’m still learning how to put on all this stuff in my hair. I thought with all the products, my hair would feel weighted down. But it really doesn’t. So I’m glad I tried it. I will get back to you in a few weeks to see if I’ve figured out how to use all this stuff the right way.

Michelle Stevens (Sturgeon Bay, US)
Hair type: Coily
Hair concern: Dry Hair
I adore my curls!!

I've tried several different products for coily hair and Treluxe's 360 CURL COLLECTION BUNDLE is perfection!!! My curls have never been this soft, defined, and long-lasting. I've received tons of comments!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU Treluxe 🤍

Robin McGovern (Cranston, US)
I love this product!

I have lots of thin curly frizzy hair.. I struggled for years, tried to straighten it out, or was never satisfied with products. I ordered the whole system, and WOW!!! I love it. My hair looks and feels amazing! I have used it twice so far, but am so satisfied with the results.. I think I am hooked on having curls again ! I am going to St. Thomas soon, and was worried about controlling my curls. Now, I am just letting them run free! This is a great product for curly hair, you need to try it!

Linda (Salisbury, US)
Finally! Something to handle my hair in humidity!

Amazing frizz control!

Anonymous (Manhattan, US)
My Curls have never been this Happy!!!

I have 3b/3c high porosity, low density curls. I have been searching forever for a product that works, and I have finally found it. I absolutely love all of the products in the bundle!!! The slip is amazing...I can actually detangle while cleansing. I am a little worried that there won't be enough hold this summer during high humidity, but we will see. Please don't ever discontinue these products!