Ditch The Frizz! Embrace Defined Waves For Days


4.8 out of 5 | 143,000+ customers

The Wavy Style & Refresh™ Set
The Wavy Style & Refresh™ Set
The Wavy Style & Refresh™ Set
The Wavy Style & Refresh™ Set
The Wavy Style & Refresh™ Set
The Wavy Style & Refresh™ Set
The Wavy Style & Refresh™ Set
The Wavy Style & Refresh™ Set
The Wavy Style & Refresh™ Set
The Wavy Style & Refresh™ Set
The Wavy Style & Refresh™ Set
The Wavy Style & Refresh™ Set
The Wavy Style & Refresh™ Set
The Wavy Style & Refresh™ Set
The Wavy Style & Refresh™ Set
The Wavy Style & Refresh™ Set
The Wavy Style & Refresh™ Set
The Wavy Style & Refresh™ Set
The Wavy Style & Refresh™ Set
The Wavy Style & Refresh™ Set

Ditch The Frizz! Embrace Defined Waves For Days

The Wavy Style & Refresh™ Set

(Primer + Serum + Gel)


4.8 out of 5 | +143,000 customers

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" Endless length, definition & poppin' coils all week! A little goes a looong way. ” - Olivia T.

  • Fresh day-2 curls, with definition + volume
  • Super lightweight & low-maintenance
  • 6-time award-winning CGM formula

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Trusted By 143,000+ Wavies & Curlies

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Why choose the Style & Refresh™ Set?

★★★★★ Join the fastest growing curly hair community

Love the results, or your money back!

When I get excited about a product, I start singing. Today will be no exception.

We offer a risk-free money-back guarantee with each order.

★★★★★ 143,000+ happy curl-friends



The TréLuxe Difference

Curly Brands

Up to 5-7 days of definition - minimal refresh 

Falls flat after 2-3 days

Defines & maintains moisture, for touchable, flexible curls

Define curls but dry out hair strands

Lightweight ingredients that don’t weigh down strands

Heavy oils/butters that grease and weigh down curls and can lead to breakage

No parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicone, or artificial colors.

Use many synthetic ingredients that can damage hair health.

Water-soluble and easy to wash out, preventing product build-up

Not water-soluble which leads to product build-up 

Active ingredients that penetrate the hair shaft for long-lasting moisture

Feature heavy oils to coat strands and give a false sense of moisture 

CGM Approved

Not CGM Approved

Money-back Guarantee

If you don't love your purchase in the first 30 days, we will issue you a refund.

We take the risk out of finding the right products, as we know that it can sometimes be costly.

This is why all orders are backed by our 30-day curl satisfaction guarantee.

We are confident in the results of our products and stand behind them – and we want you to be satisfied.


The Wavy Style & Refresh Set works on all types of Wavy hair (2A, 2B, 2C), including frizz prone hair, color treated hair, greying hair, hair of all lengths, and fine textured strands.

So ditch the product junkie lifestyle!

Take action now and get the curls you have always dreamt of.

★★★★★ +143,000+ happy curl-friends

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Customer Reviews

Based on 664 reviews
Maryann E Teichman (Hartford, US)
Best curls I've had in years

I've been a curly hair girl my whole life and in my 30s thought I had it down. Then a friend told me about trex luxe and I figured I had nothing to lose. Wet plopping, never brushing and diffusing has always been part of my routine so the only difference here is truly the product. I saw results after 6 days of styling and it's still getting better! The frizz is less after two weeks and now I'm working on ensuring I get that big volume! Don't hesitate on this product!

Kim (Boise, US)
I was skeptical....

I was skeptical about these products. I've used the same high-end salon products for years. I finally gave it a try and I love it! My curls look better than ever. I still need to figure out which product I need for all-day hold, but I'm super happy I tried the ReFlex!

Leigh (Dayton, US)
High Definition Gel

I am trying to embrace my curly hair, and the High Definition Gel has really helped. I was concerned that it would be heavy, but it was actually quite the opposite. My hair didn’t feel waxy or heavy, and the curls are back! I was amazed. And the best part is that even when I sleep on it, the curls remain. I would definitely recommend this product .

Kacy Hintz (Atlanta, US)
Love This Gel!

I have used so many products over my life and could never find the right gel. Either it was too thic..too thin...sticky..hard..didn't work! This gel is amazing! It's soft to the touch and goes on so smooth! I usually need a ton of product for very long thick curly hair but this product is lasting me longer easily! I used to go through expensive hair gel once a month and now I'm only halfway through it! You won't be disappointed!

Jennifer Carin
My hair is Amazing!!

I’ve tried literally everything… this product is a hair game changer! Used it first time and sectioned off my hair .. let it air dry and even two days later my hair is the best I’ve had it in my life ! I can’t say enough good things .. I’ve shared my hair change w every woman who has curly or wavy hair .. sooo happy I’m not a frizz head two hours into my day . Thank you for this product !!!!

WOW!! We are so happy you had such great success with our products! We often hear our products are a game-changer, but to hear its a life changer makes us feel so honored! Thank you soo much for welcoming us into your home and giving us a try!

Emily (Paramus, US)

My curls have a constant source of envy amongst friends and family but for every good nay great hair day several unsuccessful ones followed. Tried all sorts of products and systems to get the curls to just look nice consistently. Thank goodness I stumbled across Hi! Definition. Now I can go days with well behaved curls and not worry about them. And the complements...nonstop. So happy with this product and this line.

stephanie mcbride (Cordova, US)
I’ve tried everything!!!

After using same products for 30 + yrs I’ve tried SO many different gels over the last yr since said products quality changed & the price went up, I have FINALLY found something to replace it
Curls feel soft & controlled at the same time, hair doesn’t feel dry & has shine to it. Told my hairdresser she needs to give this gel a try.
I made the switch !!

Kim Chaffin
Love it

I can’t believe how much curl my wavy hair has! I love this stuff! Many compliments on my hair. Pictures after and before.

Ms M (Elgin, US)
Wish I hadn't waited so long

I held off for a long time due to cost plus shipping and items like this are heavy (i.e. expensive to return ship). But so far I really like it. I did not get it on wash day so I used it to set my hair in flexi-rods.

Spritzed with distilled water
Added this to each section
Sprayed each section with flexible hairspray
Set my hair in the Octo curlers for 4 hours and bam. Curls.
I did have curl cream and flax gel already in my hair from wash day.
I don't know how long it will last but I'm happy so far!
The curls are soft too. Not sticky or crunchy at all!
Those are the positives.
The negatives.
I do think it has a smell, I did have to make sure it was the fragrance free version bc it definitely smelled like fragrance. But it doesn't last long and isn't offensive.
The cost. I would only buy this on sale.
I do wish stores carried the FF version. Even in the company's home state I can't find FF in stores anywhere.
Final negative, I personally need products under this (curl cream and gel) and on top if I want more hold . Hair spray for light hold, hard hold gel if I need that.
Still really like it and hope the curls last. I would recommend this in my wavy groups for anyone looking for curl enhancement and light to medium hold.

Paulina (Ambato, EC)
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