3 More Tips to Minimize Build-Up

Hey Curly! Struggling to reduce the amount of build-up you’re experiencing? Build-up is a common concern in the curly community. Previously, we shared 4 Ways to Minimize Build-Up, and today, we’re back with 3 more dos and don'ts to help you keep build-up, flaking, and residue to a minimum.

Emulsify your Products with Water

This is very important for all curls, but even more for fine curls. Make sure to rub the product together in wet hands, then apply. Resist the urge to emulsify separate products together. We know it seems like the easy way out, but trust us on this one. Emulsifying your products together creates competition. Instead, emulsify each product separately, then apply one at a time. Emulsifying your products this way will allow for collaboration, which is what you want when using multiple products.

Pick ONE Conditioner

Does part of your curl routine look something like this? Conditioner + leave-in conditioner + deep conditioner. Me oh my! Why so much conditioning? If your issue is build-up, you’re probably overdoing it on the conditioner. 

Here are some signs that your curls might be over conditioned:

  • Your roots look greasy/oily on wash day.
  • Really flat roots all of the sudden.
  • Lost volume in your curls.
  • Super shiny curls in addition to these other signs.
  • Soft but stiff curls that are hard to manipulate.

If you’ve been seeing build-up, choose ONE conditioner for your next wash session to help prevent over conditioning your curls. In most instances, there’s no need to add a second conditioner — let alone a third!

Our Untie the Knot Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner provides the perfect foundation for your curls. This lightweight conditioner smooths, easily detangles, replenishes moisture, and nourishes hair from within, leaving hair feeling soft, manageable, and ready for styling. 

Cleanse, Don’t Co-Wash

Since we just visited conditioners, we thought this would be a good time to throw in this ‒ co-washing is not cleansing. As a result, co-washing could be contributing to the build-up you're experiencing. This is especially true if you are replacing a cleansing wash with a co-wash because you’re not getting the cleanse your curls and scalp so desperately need.

For a gentle cleanse, try our Curl Renew & Restore Gentle Cleansing Rinse. It’s specially formulated with plant-based cleansing ingredients to gently lift product residue, dirt, and debris from your delicate curls and scalp. Slippery elm extract, coconut milk, and aloe vera are just a few key ingredients that deliver moisture, provide protection, and restore vibrancy to each curly strand.

Taking this advice into consideration, evaluate your routine and the manner in which you use your products to pinpoint some of the things that may be causing your build-up. See if you notice a difference in your build-up after putting some of these tips into play. This is just a starting point, not an exhaustive list, but these are all things you can control. 

If you’re looking for more tips on how to minimize build-up, check out our blog 4 Ways to Minimize Build-Up!

Jul 29, 2022

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