Celebrate Valentine’s Day by Showing Your Own Curls Some Love! ♥️


Hello, February! When you hear that, does your mind take you straight to February 14th on the calendar? You might already be thinking about V-Day, and all of the different ways to celebrate! 😍 Or maybe you are thinking about helping your kid with 27 valentine cards to hand out to their class. 😬 Just like any special occasion that can bring lots of love and fun, it can bring some stress along the way too. This year we’ve decided to flip the standard Valentine script to help you embrace and care for your own curls! Let’s go!

Now as any good parent knows, sometimes the love that is truly needed is a lil’ tough love. If you missed it, you really have to check out our Co-Founder Cortney Sigilai”s January blog post. It’s called “Your Hair Stinks Because Your Thinking is Garbage.” Did you spit out your coffee when you read that? We hope not! But the point is to grab your attention, because until you rid yourself of the curl thoughts that are not serving you, it will be impossible to move forward on your journey and truly embrace the tresses that make you stand out. All right, curlies, we knew that embracing your curls is not a straightforward, one-size-fits-all thing, so we decided to tap into our amazing TréLuxe Tribe for insight! 

Curlies in our NEW Facebook group, ​TrèLuxe Curl Care Community, were so helpful to share their thoughts on a question that is definitely worth considering as you move from curly and confused to feeling more confident with your textured hair. We asked just one simple, but incredibly important question: How do you embrace the beauty of your waves, curls or coils? Dive into what they shared! 

“You have to be okay with your hair not looking perfect. That’s what makes this journey exciting and frustrating. A good hair day will never look exactly like your last good hair day. Curls have a mind of their own, and you have to be okay with that!”Patti D.

What curl-tastic advice! Good hair days can feel like magic, right? It’s like someone sprinkled fairy dust on your life and something as mundane as vacuuming can feel fab on a good hair day lol. But every good hair day will not be absolutely identical and that is okay. 

“I have a lovely stylist with curly hair who is amazing and helped me embrace my curls. She knows how to cut, color and is great for giving me advice on things to use. We were talking one day and she said she didn't want to look like everyone else, she wanted to look like herself. Very powerful words and encouragement!
Betty P.

First of all, can we just say YESSS to finding a stylist who you can trust? This whole curl thing can be complicated and taking the time to find an experienced stylist is definitely worth the effort. We absolutely agree with this stylist’s advice! Textured hair can be curly, coily, wavy and everything in between! It can be pinned back in a sleek bun or left to be wild and free. Learning to truly love looking like yourself in all of your curly glory is the best mindset to have! 

“I do my best to love them as they are, which tends to be a little different each wash day.”Susan R.

This is such helpful wisdom! Maybe you’re seeing a lil’ bit of frizz here or there or maybe the IG-worthy, poppin’ definition you had that one amazing hair day last Tuesday is not your reality this Friday. It’s okay, curly! Just follow Susan’s lead and do your very best to love them as they are.  

“I try not to sweat it too hard. I know if it does not look exactly great today, it will look totally different tomorrow. Also less is more for me and these products work wonders without that "gunky" feeling I get from so many others I have tried.” Doreen C. 

Yup, save the sweat for the gym! Stressing over those couple of curls that decided not to behave today will not do anyone any good. And we are thrilled to hear that TréLuxe products are working well for Doreen. The reason that there is no “gunky” feeling is that we put plenty of research, thought and time into deciding what ingredients we should intentionally leave out of our products, this is especially true for our Soothe & Restore Collection.

Products in this collection don’t have sulfates, parabens, silicones, phthalates and artificial colors! So what do they have? Nourishing plant-based ingredients to bring life back to your tired tresses! Bonus: this collection brings on all of the spa vibes and would be so perfect to show your own curls, coils or waves some serious love.

Packed with high-quality ingredients like quinoa protein and oat milk, our Restorative Protein Mask has so many benefits!

❤️ Adds strength and structure to straggly strands. 

❤️ Improves the color and vibrance of over-stressed strands.

❤️ Coats and reinforces brittle and thinning hair. 

❤️ Increases strand-by-strand moisture uptake for bounce-back curl resilience.

Light a candle, pop on your favorite music, and treat your tresses to this NEW mask! Now, it’s your turn to chime in, curly. How do you embrace the beauty of your curls, coils or waves? What is your fave way to use TréLuxe products to show your tresses some much-needed love and care this Valentine’s Day? 💘Drop your thoughts in the comments! 

Feb 01, 2024

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