Ready, SET, Go! Curated product sets just for you!

Hello, curlies, coilies and wavies! We’re thrilled to loop you in on some incredibly exciting news that is going to help simplify your hair routine and allow your textured hair to really shine. 

The original Style & Refresh bundle exceeded all expectations, flew off the shelves, and if you want to visualize the heights of popularity, you’d end up in the clouds.

As this bundle skyrocketed as a must-have for curlies, we started hearing some invaluable feedback that wavies and coilies needed options too. And guess what? We listened and developed two new product groupings and gave the tried-and-true bundle a lil’ name update. Now you can choose from three Style & Refresh Set options!

The Curly Style & Refresh Set

This set has gotten some serious love from curlies around the globe! Listen to what one satisfied curly has to say about it!

“I took a chance and wow! My curls look great. They are soft and frizz free. I feel like the products will last a while and are of salon quality … .” Kimberly

Still on the fence if it’s right for you or confused on how to use it? We just updated a how-to guide that tackles all of your curly questions! You can check out the guide here or hit play below to watch the set in action! 

Bookmark our  How-to-use guide on the Curly Style & Refresh Set to give you some tips on how to use it! 

The Coily Style & Refresh Set


We’re super excited to provide a unique offering to coilies, and are already receiving glowing feedback on this new set! 

I am loving this line, I'm so glad I decided to buy this. I have super coarse and thick hair and it really keeps it under control. — Jessi

We’ve got a new how-to guide just for the coily crowd here! And you can also watch as a coily uses the set and achieves moisturized, defined tresses that are full of gorgeous volume.

Bookmark our  How-to-use guide on the Coily Style & Refresh Set to give you some tips on how to use it! 

The Wavy Style & Refresh Set

We’ve got just what the wavy wonders need! A product set that won’t weigh hair down. Get ready to rake in the compliments! 

I can’t believe how much curl my wavy hair has! I love this stuff! Since using this, I’ve got so many compliments on my hair. — K.C.

Take a peek at the new how-to guide for the wavy crew here! Or if seeing is believing for you, watch out how it helps a wavy land on soft, yet defined results. 

Bookmark our How-to-use guide on the Wavy Style & Refresh Set to give you some tips on how to use it! 

Whether you're curly, coily or wavy, we’ve curated the products that will help you style and refresh with consistent success. And we know that caring for textured hair does not always feel easy, so we hope that these how-to guides and detailed videos will give you info and peace of mind to thrive along every turn of your journey! 

Jun 18, 2024

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