Revitalize Your Coils: How to Use TréLuxe’s Coily Style & Refresh Set


Am I in the right place?  Well let’s see, if your goal is to create a product routine that: 

  1. Increases moisture while decreasing breakage.
  2. Keeps tangles and STK at bay and out of your way. 
  3. Brings shine to dusty looking, lack-luster curls. 
  4. Achieves a successful and simple wash and go routine. 
  5. Decreases time spent refresh and moisturizing strands.

Then get comfortable and read on to discover how the products in this set work together to enhance your coils and address your concerns. 

Coily & Misunderstood 

Coily hair is easily the most unique, most complex and most misunderstood curl type in curl typing history! This is a hair type that truly does the most! Coily hair (anything between 4A-C) typically represents the extreme of what curly hair can be  very fine, very dense, and very curly or should I say zigzag in a variety of ways on one single head. As a result, common curly hair concerns are heightened; and if not addressed properly, regularly, and with a routine could cause a love/hate relationship with your hair. Let’s bypass the hate and get to the love! 

Kismet For Your Coils

Soo… it’s really just a bit of kismet, powered by science, and created out of experience! As Co-Founder of TréLuxe and a fellow coily-curly, I am very aware and sensitive to what coily hair craves for coily brilliance! The knowledge I've gathered goes beyond my experience and is extended by the knowledge and expertise of curly hair stylists, educators, and chemists who specialize in caring for coily hair. 

In our collective knowledge and experience (over 100 years and counting!) We recognize that our hair is the most delicate of all curl types, which requires maintenance and handling with gentle hands and gentle products. The Coily Style & Refresh Set offers 3 multi-functioning products that can be used throughout your weekly routine! Allow me to introduce each one. 

Aloe Vera Curl Primer 

I am convinced that our Aloe Vera Curl Primer is hands-down our most multifaceted and multi-purposed product for your coily hair! Not only am I convinced, but other customers agree! With concentrated ingredients that seek to detangle coils, extend wash-day results, and refresh strands lacking definition and moisture this product can be placed in all parts of your weekly care routine. 

Given it’s defining capabilities and super lightweight composition, this product can and should be used: 

During wash day. With AHHMAZZING slip you can use this product as a pre-poo to detangle and after conditioning to moisturize and set your curls. Similar to a primer you would use for your face, this curl primer smooths strands, clumps curls, and hides any “blemishes” caused by over-manipulation or damage. Given coily hair is more delicate, fractured strands are more common and can lead to breakage without the proper support of moisture and strength. The Aloe Vera Curl Primer uses the benefits of aloe, vitamin E, vitamin C, and glycerin to protect your coils. 

Detangling. When I created this product my goal was to make the term and action of detangling a thing of the past! Detangling and the effects of tangling are among the top 3 concerns for us coilies, and rightfully so! Depending on your curl tightness and density, detangling can take upwards of 2 hours! Along with that comes single strand knots, breakage, and just a miserable experience. The Aloe Vera Curl Primer is designed to interfere with the friction that causes tangles to stop them in their tracks. In a controlled study, we discovered that with the use of the Aloe Vera Curl Primer customers were able to decrease detangling time by upwards of 70%! Talk about a life-changing product. 

When you refresh. The culprit of a mid-week refresh is typically our unwanted tagalong pal, frizz or knotting. This primer has high performance wetting agents that use the moisture in your hair and the environment to hydrate without the use of direct water. So for those on-the-go coilies, this is a product you don’t want to move without. Additionally, our Aloe Vera Curl Primer is loaded with wetting surfactants that reduce the water tension, breaking the water down into smaller molecules allowing for better spread and coverage of moisture, with less water. Essentially, with the use of the Aloe Vera Curl Primer, you have the makings of something that is truly wetter than water. With the smaller water molecules, you’ll discover a significant decrease in drying time! 

Untie The Knot Nourishing Leave-in Conditione

Our 6x award winner, best seller has received high accolades for one reason only: It does exactly what it says it is going to do. As a coily, you know that a leave-in conditioner is essential and critical to hair that is easier to manage and minimize maintenance. 

Using it as your primary conditioner. This will help ensure you maintain the proper moisture balance for your curls. The leave-in conditioner is packed with lightweight oils (broccoli seed oil, olive squalane) that envelop your strands without weighing them down. 

Use as a moisture refreshment. If you find you and your curls in a more hot and arid area of the global landscape, then you know the shrinkage is REAL! Between washes use the Untie the Knot Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner to keep curls moisturized and increase elasticity. 

Curl Defining Foaming Mousse 

If you are a coily with dense hair, then you know from experience that a dense cream may provide the moisture you need, but really gets in the way of the definition! You need something that will envelop and capture each strand to promote curl uniformity. This is important, because a curl that lays together, stays together. There is strength in unity, which is especially important for coily hair. The Curl Defining Mousse is uniquely designed to slip between each strand to improve curl formation and definition. 

Foamy Moisture. Our coils provide signs that they are a little on the dry side rustling crunchy sound when you touch them, excessive breakage or lack of natural sheen. With its serum-based consistency this product is able to distribute moisturizing ingredients evenly throughout your head. 

Fight the breakage. The Curl Defining Mousse is loaded with conditioning ingredients like Oat Milk and Vitamin E. It provides hold while delivering so much moisture and even correcting damage to curls’ cuticles along the way!

Pro Tips: From Root to End 

  1. Before conditioning and styling make sure to start on fresh scalp and hair. What this may look like for your hair is anywhere between 1-2 washes with 1-2 repeats! Yes you read that right. Give yourself at least 2 wash and rinses before applying conditioning products. This will help ensure the ingredients properly adhere to your strands and promote longevity with curl definition.
  2. Make sure your curls are soaking wet when applying the Curl Defining Mousse and Leave-in conditioner. I highly recommend at least a 3-5 minute water rinse.
  3. When refreshing your curls with Aloe Vera Primer or Untie the Knot Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner, mist your strands to open up cuticles. 
  4. With proprietary packaging, the Curl Defining Mousse pump is designed to give you all the benefits of a traditional mousse while adding in extra moisture. As a result, 1-2 pumps to start with is recommended.

Heads up, coilies! The “How to use” section on the Coily Style & Refresh Set webpage provides step-by-step guidelines for wash days and for refreshing, so it’s a great resource as you move forward. We hope you feel seen and understood after reading this article. We’d love for you to give the Coily Style & Refresh Set a try, now that you’ve been empowered by understanding exactly how it can work for you! 


Jun 18, 2024

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