You Asked, We listened! Our New Deep Conditioner for Curly Hair Just Dropped!

We received so many requests from curlies, coilies and wavies in need of serious hair repair. We took action by developing our Soothe & Restore Collection that launched in November.

Designed to rejuvenate curls from the damage caused by daily styling and environmental stresses, this line is perfect for those experiencing serious hair frustrations. Our Ultra Moisturizing Deep Conditioner is the second product to debut in our new line, and it’s the remedy to your curl problems!

One Answer to So Many Curly Concerns

Do you have damaged cuticles from color treatments or too much heat? Do you have neglected, parched curls? Do you have overstressed or over processed tresses? Are you experiencing breakage, dryness or dullness? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we have very good news for you! Our Ultra Moisturizing Deep Conditioner will deliver an instant difference in the feel and manageability of your hair. It will bring your distressed curls, coils, or waves back to life! 

What Makes Our Deep Conditioner One-of-a-kind?

It has everything you want in a luxurious deep conditioner and nothing that you don’t want! Formulated with care-giving oils, it will allow your curly crown to look and feel its very best. Avocado oil prevents hair damage, while coconut oil helps with moisture retention and hair repair. And have you heard how amazing sesame seed oil is for your curls, coils or waves? It stimulates growth and acts as a hair and scalp protector from UV rays. 

Now you might be thinking, are all of those oils going to weigh down my hair? Nope! You’ll enjoy all of the benefits of a deep conditioner with zero greasy after-effect. Plus, it boasts 100% vegan ingredients and 100% natural fragrance. With just a hint of scent, the fresh aroma definitely brings on the #spavibes. Ready to dive in?


We’ve Got Tips for Gorgeous Results! 

This product is a must-have for your self-care routine. Curlies with very dry hair can reach for it once a week while others may choose to use it bi-weekly or monthly. Make sure to cleanse your hair and scalp and apply it to wet tresses. Once you have coated your hair, be sure to let it soak in for 20-25 minutes. Hmmm … maybe you can relax and enjoy a steamy cup of coffee or tea while the deep conditioner works its magic! As you rinse it out, you will notice that it’s amazing at detangling even the most annoyingly persistent tangles. You might be wondering if you can mix and match this product with our 360° Curls Collection and the answer is yessss, curly! 


We recommend pairing it with our Hi! Definition Curl Enhancer Styling Gel or Curl Supreme 4-in-1 Hydrating Crème, but let your creativity run wild. We always love seeing gorgeous results from unique product combos. And guess what? You are going to absolutely adore the results when you give our newest product a try. The Ultra Moisturizing Deep Conditioner is going to give you soft, smooth, super clumped curls that IG curl video dreams are made of! 


Feb 24, 2023

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