How to Create a Curly Hair Routine for Beginners

Welcome, curly! We know that diving in to begin your curl journey can feel a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry, we're here to help with some key basics to help you create a curly, wavy or coily routine that works for you. 



Curl Quiz for the 🏆 Win! 

There is so much curly info online that it’s easy to stay up late browsing and wake up tired in the morning without making any real progress. Save time and head straight to a key resource that we recently updated and upgraded. Our curl quiz is soooooo helpful! I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a quick and easy quiz to help steer you down the right path? If only all of life was so simple lol. 

Alright back to the quiz, you'll just pop in some deets about your hair, and we make it super simple to move through even if you are doing some drowsy browsing after a late night out or trying to keep your eyes open after your kiddos are (finally!) asleep. At the end of the quiz, you’ll know what products are ideal for your curls. Now let’s walk through some tips and inspo to guide you through every step of a solid curl routine, including washing, conditioning, styling + drying.


Start with a Clean Slate

When you are ready to fully embrace your naturally curly crown, it is sooooo important to begin with properly cleansed tresses. Try out our Curl Renew & Restore Gentle Cleansing Rinse and follow this process for a thorough cleanse! 

1. Allow your curls to become fully saturated by warm water. Depending on the length and thickness of your curls, the water rinse should be between 3-8 minutes for full saturation.

2. Be sure to apply the cleanser to your scalp and massage it in. Using your fingertips, gently but firmly massage the scalp so the cleanser lathers and begins to lift build-up, excess sebum, and debris. Thoroughly rinse cleanser from scalp and hair.

3. Then repeat steps 1 and 2. After round two of the cleansing process your scalp should feel cleansed and you shouldn’t see any build up. 

For even more cleansing tips, click on the TréLuxeTips pic above. And pssst, curly, you can simply browse our IG for many more TréLuxeTips on a variety of topics. It is such an easy, fun way to learn and grow in your curl knowledge!

Conditioned for Success

Our lightweight Untie the Knot Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner replenishes lost moisture and strengthens curls, waves and coils while providing great slip for easy detangling! We designed it to work wonders on all types of curls. Speaking of types of tresses, as you start to explore the online curl community you’ll find lots of convo on curl typing and we have another beginner’s guide broken down by curl type on how to get started on your curly journey: You can check that out here. Okay, back to our bomb conditioner! 

Maybe part of your hair frustration has been tangles and monster knots? Hey, curly, listen up, our UTK is the product you NEVER want to run out of! It can easily handle the most difficult knots, plus it’s very versatile and simple to use. 

You’ll just rinse with warm water, don’t use super hot water as that kicks the tangles into high gear. Then you’ll apply a generous amount of the conditioner into your hands and work it through detangling from ends to roots. Then you’ll rinse your curls again, reapply the conditioner and detangle one more time. This time don’t rinse it out as you’ll want all of those natural ingredients such as coconut oil and avocado to nourish your curls, waves or coils. Bonuses, your hair will smell like a freshly baked cinnamon cookie and you can use this on your kiddos too! So you can say hello to a sweet smelling, mama and mini snuggle session! 

Dry, Style + Let Your Personality Shine! 

Drying and styling is the step where the real beauty of our #curltribe shines! We absolutely love featuring and highlighting different styling ideas and inspo of all different hair types. When it comes to drying your delicate waves, curls or coils, there are a few main options that you’ll want to know to see what works for you.

Air Dry: We love the simplicity of this method. Simply apply your styler of choice and then hands off as your hair dries on its own. Easy peasy! 

Plopping: Many curlies use a cotton or microfiber towel, t-shirt, or pillowcase to wrap and dry wet curls. Don’t use a regular towel as it can create frizz.

Diffuse: Using a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer can speed up your drying time and provide extra volume. 

Now for the fun party, styling that leads to beautiful results! I mean who doesn’t love a good AFTER pic? Based on the results of your curl quiz, you’ll know what styler(s) are best suited for you, perhaps it is our miracle mousse? Our Curl Defining Mousse brings on the volume and definition without weighing down curls, waves or coils. And there is zero stickiness left behind, because nobody likes stickiness, yuck! Whichever styler(s) you roll with, we suggest joining our 76k IG followers for an endless stream of inspiration. Here are a couple of how-to videos to get your wheels turning on what might work well for you:


Jot Down the Journey!

As you start to lay the foundation for your curly, wavy or coily routine, remember to write down what works and doesn’t for your hair. This will turn into your personal roadmap with all of the deets that you need to navigate well. While starting out can seem a bit overwhelming, we know that with some patience and perseverance you will be able to fully embrace your curls, waves or coils in all of their glory!

And guess what? We’re here for you! We are always providing new learning resources right here on our blog, on IG livestreams, and in our email newsletters. Stay connected with us as you get into the groove of your first curly routine! 

Mar 17, 2023

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