Back to School Tips for Moms and Kids

The debut of August signifies a shift in seasons the burgundy and orange mums rear their heads at your local stores, halloween items get displayed, and depending on where you live, leaves begin to fall. All this could only mean one important thing to mommas - The first day of school is nearing!!  PTA meetings, fundraisers, after-school planning, homework, extracurriculars calendar, clothes shopping, first day send off! 

Eek! Yes, the season has shifted and the pace has changed! We’ve put together some tips to help you keep your sanity, save time with styling your little curlies’ hair, and walk into the first day with success! 

For the mamas in our TréLuxeTribe: Ready, Set, Go! 

The first day of school is met with a lot of emotions excitement, nervousness, hesitation, curiosity. It’s important to not allow those emotions to drive the bus. One of the best ways to avoid an emotional collision is to get ahead of the traffic that the first day brings. 


While it would be nice to have all the things your little curly needs weeks priors, sometimes it's just not possible and we are working with days! But, that is still enough time to get ready, so the morning of the first day of school can actually be enjoyed, instead of endured.

  • Get out of your head, by getting your to-dos on paper. It is easy to forget the day we are in, let alone the tasks we have to complete. Do yourself a favor and write it down, so you can check it off and have the mental space to be present 
  • Plan to save time - We aren't only trying to get things in order for the first day, we are getting our littles ready for the school year. When you can, instead of going to get things, have those things come to you and have a little in reserve. Here is where you will check off items from your shopping list … from your computer. After ordering all of those pencils and notebooks, don’t forget about curl care necessities. We've made it simple to stock up on all your TréLuxe faves for your little curlies, with free shipping over $50 orders! With centralized distribution, you get the products for your little curl routine within 2-3 business days. Not soon enough? No worries, we can expedite!


Get yourself in position for first day success! 

  • Bin it and pin it! Those school items your little curlies reach for everyday, must have a home! Get creative with your little one by helping them personalize their very own drop bin to keep their items safe, collected, and their minds clear of clutter!
    • Pin it! Mamas, for year long success get yourself a calendar focused on your little one. Let’s be real when the school year comes we become chauffeur, assistant, and calendar manager (or is it mom-gician?). Set those phone reminders! And make sure your TréLuxe restock hits the reminders list - because it just sucks being out of your go-to products that make for tear-free styling and efficiency! 


Yes, do just that! You’ve done all the legwork to make yourself mentally present for the first day of school, so enjoy it! And, yes, you can take ALL of the pics that you want to, you earned it after weeks of prep :). 

For the lil’ curlies in our TréLuxeTribe: Plan, preserve and practice! 


We invest a lot of time to ensure our curlies have picture perfect curls for their first day. But, we've all seen those memes … the start of the day look, doesn’t always last! If you don’t want your little looking like an after school mess, then consider using products that not only hold their curls, but increase longevity. Our Aloe Vera Curl Primer is a must! Like a primer for your face, our primer preps the hair for styling by moisturizing, clumping, defining, and holding the style. What is so special about this product is that these wonderful benefits are easily re-activated with just a little bit of water! So if frizz or flyaways try to rear their head, your little curly can easily wet their hands in the school bathroom and run it through their curls. 


Give yourself more time during the week, by making sure your little curly spends a little extra time each night protecting their curls. The best way to do this is ensuring your nightly routine includes moisture. Our Curl Supreme 4-in-1 Hydrating Crème and ReFlex Curl Styling Serum are 2 products that are formulated with aloe vera, and keratin amino acids to maintain the curl pattern. Don’t forget your satin pillowcase!


If your little curly is at the age in which you can delegate some hair care responsibilities, then by all means, delegate! Demonstrate to them how to properly detangle their curls, or apply their styling products. Then watch, encourage them through the process, and correct as needed. A fun way to start with a little one could be letting her pick out which bow or accessory might complement her outfit. 

Well, mamas, we know this whole parenting thing is a lot of prep, planning and hard work! Just keep moving forward and don’t let the long to-do lists get you so stressed that you miss the joy of the everyday moments.

 It could be something as simple as seeing your daughter looking confident and prepped for success or hearing an excited report that your shy son made a new school friend. Savor those moments, mama, you were working behind-the-scenes to make them happen. We hope that both you and your littles have a memorable fall season, and we’d love to hear your top back-to-school tips, so drop them in the comments! 

Aug 11, 2023

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