Curly and confused? Check out 3 NEW step-by-step styling videos!

Um, we know that this whole natural curly, wavy or coily journey isn’t always simple. Let’s be real, you may find yourself scrolling IG late at night admiring so many of the gorgeous results pics and wishing that you had more hair success or at least some background on HOW they got those perfectly defined, angel kissed tresses. We know that newbies to the curl community need a bit of help along the way, so we asked experienced curlies to share step-by-step how-to videos with all of the deets you need to achieve gorgeous results at home!

Results that Last for Days! 
Watch as Taylor begins by applying our Aloe Vera Curl Primer to set up her tresses for styling success. She prefers a T-shirt for drying, because it absorbs more water and causes less frizz than a microfiber cloth. She achieves beautiful results that last 3 days before she needs a refresh, and when it’s refresh time, she reaches for our Curl Defining Mousse. Hit play to gain more curl confidence! 

Tips for Low Density Curlies! 
We are lovin’ everything that Dominique is serving up today! She sets her curls up for styling by using our Ultra Moisturizing Deep Conditioner. She covers her hair and lets the conditioner work its magic while she does some house cleaning. ‘Cause as fellow #curlymamas know, picking up is a never-ending story. BUT, back to her curls, she shares that not parting her hair allows for more volume for low density curlies, and she uses the praying hands method as a finishing touch on her ends. Don’t miss all of the details that this seasoned curly has to share today! 


Diffusing for the Win! 
Tami starts her style with a dime-sized amount of our ReFlex Curl Styling Serum that she applies and rakes through her soaking wet hair. She reminds curlies that when using our products a little goes a long way. She walks us through every step of her routine and chooses to diffuse as opposed to air drying at the end to lock in long lasting curly results. Watch for all of the wisdom that Tami has to offer!

Did you gain some new and helpful insights from this trio of seasoned curlies? We hope so!  And remember that the curly journey is not about hitting your #curlgoals overnight, but learning and growing in knowledge as you continue to embrace your unique curls, coils or waves. If you would love to continue to learn more from fellow curlies be sure to sign up HERE for our newsletters. PLUS you’ll be the first to hear about our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, so you can save as you snatch up the products that intrigued you from the videos

Nov 17, 2023

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