Curly Hair Tips for Busy Moms

Ya’ll, we know that mommin’ isn’t easy! Several of us here on the TréLuxe team have kiddos, so we REALLY understand all that #momlife brings.

We know that taking care of tiny humans can be challenging and that when you think it is way too hard, you get unexpected encouragement like a sweet smile from your newborn, a loving hug from your preschooler or a thoughtful drawing from your big kiddo. Moms, listen up, we know you are busy, we know you are probably tired, and looking for your coffee cup, but we’ve got you covered with some helpful curly hair tips!

Treat Yourself on the (Wash and) Go

Who has got time for a spa day? Not us busy moms, that’s for sure! Taking the time just to shower without a little one needing something is a feat in itself. Maximize your limited time and soak in the luxurious textures and aromas of a TréLuxe #washday.

Our Curl Renew & Restore Gentle Cleansing Rinse will allow you to feel fresh and clean from all of the messiness that #momlife can bring. The light aroma will help you start to relax (especially if your kids are actually sleeping). Follow it with our Untie the Knot Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner that has a rich texture and an amazing cinnamon scent to help you unwind as you nourish your tresses.

Use our Products on Your Kiddos

If you’re a curly mama, you might just have some curly kiddos too. Did you know that you could save limited counter / shower space by using this product line on your mini wavy, coily or curly? For more kid-friendly deets, check out this recent post.

Your counter is probably already cluttered with toothbrushes left exactly six inches away from the toothbrush holder, so give yourself some peace of mind by using our products on your little cuties. Their hair will look awesome and smell great too! One little lady said that she loved our Untie the Knot Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner because her hair smelled like cookies. You’ll smell the difference when you snuggle in to read all of those bedtime books!

Let’s Hear it for the Refresh!

You set all of the alarms and had the get everyone ready plan down to a science, but we all know that kiddos have a way of shaking up the plans. Whether it’s a cute little newborn waking up in the middle of the night or a kiddo who forgot to tell you that it was crazy hair day at school and you just found out. Either way you are way behind on your schedule and do not have any time for a full #washandgo. Thank goodness for a refresh using our ReFlex Curl Styling Serum — this product is a lifesaver! Simply dampen your curls, glaze them with the serum, and scrunch! If you want to see this quick routine in action, check out this IG video!

Brighten Up That Bun!

Have you been rocking a messy mom bun since your first baby was born? Don’t worry, mama, we’ve got an idea for you. Sometimes in the process of caring for kiddos our hair needs do take a backseat and that’s okay. But when you are heading into that Zoom meeting, office, or parent teacher conference, we have an easy way to help you look and feel more put together! Our gorgeous genuine leather curl accessories line can take a bun from messy to polished real quick. Just pop on a cute headband or a sophisticated bow and your look is instantly elevated! We suggest carrying the accessories in your bag for a quick upgrade on the go. Watch our accessories in action!

We hope these mom-focused tips will help you on your journey and would love to hear your ideas too. As you juggle kiddos plus all of the challenges and joys that come with them, what’s your best hair tip for fellow curly, coily and wavy mamas?

Nov 18, 2022

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