How to get salon curls at home using TréLuxe products!

We sat down with Chicago-based curl maestro and licensed stylist Kelley George to discover and discuss how curlies can achieve salon level curls, coils or waves at home. And guess what? Our products will give you that fresh from the salon feel as you walk out your OWN front door! 

Kelley advises to take your time on #washday for longer lasting results. Reaching for our Curl Renew & Restore Gentle Cleansing Rinse is the BEST way to start your routine. With its bright and sweet notes of pear and subtle floral scent, you might even feel like you landed in a relaxing salon right in your own home! 

Q: How can we get our curls to last beyond Day 2?

A: Sometimes a little pineapple will stay overnight, but it's not always there, so I'm just being realistic. The smoother silky pillowcase is kind of the win for me. Also, this isn't as commonly thought of as an answer for how to get your hair to last, but the more thorough of a job you have done in the beginning, the longer it is going to last.

If you rushed during the day shampooing or detangling or in the application, you might not get as many days out of it. I don't do my hair to a perfect ten every single day, but I do know that on those days where I am really paying attention and doing everything to the best of my ability, it does look better and it does last a little longer.

Typically, the longer you wait in between washes, the longer you are going to want to spend when you do have that wash day. So if you're doing it about every three days, it's not going to take as long as for someone who is going five, seven, ten days, you're really going to be rebalancing when you come back to that. I have also seen a lot of clients experience better luck with their products by being sure to apply the product to very wet hair and to blot it, dry it gently after instead of rubbing it and, you know, squeezing so much water out and then trying to apply the product to hair that's already become somewhat fuzzy.

Q: What can we do at home to get the in-salon results?

A: Typically I use my fingers the most while I'm styling. But on days where I've maybe waited a little too long, I might bring out the wide tooth. For people who have longer hair or just need a little bit of help. I kind of like a wiggly teeth brush. I don't know what the proper term for them is, but it is more gentle. It doesn't snag, it doesn't tear. It's not going to break as much.

I use {microfiber towels} on my clients all the time. It is a much softer fiber, so it doesn't pick the hair apart as much as a terrycloth might. It helps it stay a little smoother and shinier. And of course, got to love the Dyson. You don't have to get one that is quite this intense, but it is good to have a diffuser and to have multiple heat and speed settings.

Q: What basic scalp and hair steps typically get overlooked that impact end results?

A: I would say some of the basic scalp and curly hair, things that are often overlooked would be that it actually is important to have your scalp and your hair well cleansed. A lot of us use a lot of products. We are exposed to pollution, the mineral buildup from our pipes. We really do need to do a deeper cleanse from time to time and just not tp be afraid to use a moisturizing shampoo as well in between those deeper cleanses.

I also would say it's often overlooked how important it is to really, truly get hair detangled all the way from roots to end while you're washing. This just helps it stay healthy, and this also will make the overall look over your style more successful.

Q: What do you wish all curlies did or knew to make caring for their curls easier?

I wish all curlies knew that we all started somewhere. I had no idea I had curly hair until I was in my mid-twenties and it took another couple of years to actually make it look good. Try to enjoy your journey. If you're new at it, don't be afraid to play with your hair, but also keep it simple enough that you're not going to feel overwhelmed.

This means, you know, when you're first starting out. Keep it to a couple products and just be consistent and then when you get used to that, you can start adding.

Don't be afraid to play with what will happen if I diffuse it, flipped over and scrunched versus what happens if I diffuse while I'm hanging over to the side. Those are the little differences that you can experiment with and just see your preference. It can also help you make things easier to partner with a stylist who is comfortable and familiar working with curls. A lot of us do offer a session where you are just coming in to get a style and during that you can troubleshoot what you have been struggling with.

Kelley recommends a foam for lower density curries and our Soothe & Restore Curl Defining Mousse can work wonders to amp up the volume. Nourishing ingredients such as oat milk and vitamin E⁠ will bring your tresses to life and provide gorgeous volume that you never thought was possible.

Q: What can we do at home to get the in-salon results for low density curlies?

A: For lower density clients. I recommend using stylers that allow for expansion. I like to use a foam. This helps it stay full and bouncy and I trick people into thinking that my hair is thick all the time and there really is not very much of it. I'll also scrunch in a little bit of a gel. If I'm trying to get the style to last longer or if I'm going to have time to actually diffuse all the way, I might use even more gel.
When you have lower density curly hair, it will generally be more enjoyable for you to maintain some kind of a shape that will help you get the volume that you are looking for. Sometimes if you are, you know, you're trying to get more length or you're going too long in between trims, the ends will start to get rough. It'll actually drag it down and make it look even thinner at times.

Kelley offers a key tip for thick haired curlies: Stay on top of your detangling! Hmmm … thick hair and detangling sounds like it could take forever. Nope! Grab our Aloe Vera Curl Primer to cut down on detangling time by approximately 70 percent!

Q: What can we do at home to get the in-salon results for curlies with thick hair?

A: For clients who have really thick hair. I would say it is extra important to be on top of your detangling. You do not want to have tangles that are kind of trapped up by your scalp. That can be painful and make it difficult and it can also make it hard to get the style that you're going for, because the roots will not lay the way that you are wanting them to.

We are incredibly grateful to Kelley for sharing her expertise with our #curltribe! If you’re ready to bring home salon elevated curls, coils or waves using our products, stay tuned for our Black Friday sale coming up!

Nov 10, 2023

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