The. Most. Innovative. Our Aloe Vera Curl Primer Just Dropped!

We’ve gone and done it! We created a product that truly stands out and struts in a lane of its own! This product is worthy of all the attention and introduction that it's about to get in this post! Seriously curlies, this is a product that enables all of your products to perform better and last longer; a product that creates a beautiful canvas for your curls to glow and grow; a product that truly gives you your precious time back, without sacrificing the results! 

We’ve named our Aloe Vera Curl Primer our “Most Innovative Product” for many reasons. Read on to discover why! 

First, the Back Story 

Being a brand that is made for curlies, by curlies we’re always striving to deliberately deliver products that live up to our formulation philosophy — to provide balanced moisture, decrease weekly maintenance, and increase manageability (TréLuxe 3Ms Curl Formula). We’ve found this to be the winning combination that brings clarity and simplicity to the curl care journey, and it started with our 3x award winning 360° Curls Collection. Being a brand that doesn’t believe in developing products for just a trendy ingredient or another unused thing to have collecting dust on your shelves, we began to ask ourselves, “What experiences can we offer that encourage curlies, coilies, and wavies alike to care for their curls without having to give more energy or attention that they already lack?”

Delivers Wash Day Results Without the Wash Day Commitment 

Listen, we all can recall the energy and emotions that have surged through our body when we have a darn good wash day! Where the curls are clumped, pumped, defined, and flowing. It creates an internal glow that gives us the permission we need to command the day! But, who has the time for wash day performance anymore!? 

Our Aloe Vera Curl Primer is the foundation for your styling products to cling to. Formulated with multiple moisturizing properties and wetting agents the Aloe Vera Curl Primer provides INSANE slip that allows you to effortlessly rake through your curls, dismantle tangles, and clump your curls to divine perfection! Coating each strand allows your styling products to stay on longer between wash days and minimizes the need to refresh. This is truly TOUCH-LESS hair care. 


Makes Detangling A Thing of the Past 

Detangling and the effects of tangling are among the top 5 concerns for us curlies, and rightfully so! For some curlies, detangling can take upwards of 2 hours! Along with that comes single strand knots, breakage, and just a miserable experience. Our Aloe Vera Curl Primer stops tangles in their tracks. In a controlled study with wavies and curlies who struggle with tangles and matting, we discovered that with the use of the Aloe Vera Curl Primer they were able to decrease detangling time by upwards of 70%! Talk about a life-changing product. So go ahead, use this product before cleansing (as a pre-poo), or after cleansing to splice through tangles and clump curls. 

Multi-Functional Product that Serves One Purpose 

That one purpose is longer-lasting curl success. Given it’s defining capabilities and super lightweight composition, this product can and should be used: 

  • During wash day. The best way to ensure curl definition and hold longevity is to apply styling products to a clean and smooth canvas. While this product allows you to extend the time between wash days, it does not remove the need for wash day. So curlies, please continue to wash your hair and scalp, you will always get better results. Additionally, the Aloe Vera Curl Primer smooths and covers strands that may be a little on the fray due to color damage, neglect, and split ends. 
  • When you refresh. The culprit of a mid-week refresh is typically our unwanted tagalong pal, frizz. Just a squirt of the Aloe Vera Curl Primer can help you manage unwanted frizz; using it on wet, damp, or dry hair! That’s right — even dry hair. This primer has high performance wetting agents that use the moisture in your hair and the environment to hydrate without the use of direct water. So for those curlies on the go, this is a product you don’t want to move without.
  • Infuse moisture while decreasing drying time. Say what? We promise this is not the anomaly it appears to be. Our Aloe Vera Curl Primer is loaded with wetting surfactants that reduce the water tension, breaking the water down into smaller molecules allowing for better spread and coverage of moisture, with less water. Essentially, with the use of the Aloe Vera Curl Primer, you have the makings of something that is truly wetter than water. With the smaller water molecules, you’ll discover a significant decrease in drying time! Say goodbye to the obnoxious dripping curls, overly wet shoulders, drying while driving, and excessive shrinkage. 

Our Aloe Vera Curl Primer is a vegan, protein-free, naturally fragranced (the scent is addictive!) staple that serves up your best curl days, without the hassle of figuring out what they need. What new experiences can our Aloe Vera Curl Primer bring for you?

Treat yourself to our most innovative curl product!

Jun 29, 2023

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