What to do When Curly Hair is Dry

There are a lot of words floating around in our community that are synonymous with curls – but dry does not have to be one of them! If you find your curls to be rigid, noisy, and hard to manage due to dryness then we’re here to help! 

What the Hay?!

If you find your curls are currently or have previously resembled things that can be found on a farm or an old western showdown, then you probably can relate to this expression! Dry hair can feel like hay or frizz and fray like tumbleweed. 

The good news is that what you are experiencing doesn’t have to be permanent. Curly hair is generally more prone to dryness due to the hair follicles and the porous nature of each strand; often making it hard to get and retain moisture. 

Depending on the porosity of your hair, you might find your curls sucking up moisture! Drenching your curls in water, piling on tons of conditioners, and oils only to end up with a dull … dry … mess! This is typically a result of having highly porous hair, which does a great job of letting water in, but typically due to cuticle damage, is unable to seal in moisture, by lowering the cuticles on the hair shaft.

How to Kick the Dry Spell

Hair can heal from dryness with the proper care and identifying the culprit! If you find your curls suddenly went dry after a recent coloring or chemical treatment, more than likely the treatment is what caused your curls to turn dry. Other culprits are poor curl care routines and product choices. Check out our tips to say bye-bye to dry hair! 

Ditch the Oils 

It is so tempting to reach for oils when our curls are dry. Oils can help soften hair and make it more manageable, which tricks us into thinking our tresses are actually more moisturized. But, my dear curly friend, it is all an illusion! In reality, the oils you use to mask the dryness, instead of repairing it. Oils can also lead to irreversible damage, such as breakage. Instead of a direct oil, choose a conditioner that moisturizes with water and helps you manage your curls with light oils. Our Untie The Knot Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner is an ah-mazing option that accomplishes both, with the use of water and all natural ingredients like aloe vera, olive squalene, and broccoli seed oil. Now that we've talked about oils, you might be wondering, how often should I be washing my curly crown? 

Go for the Weekly Wash!

Washing your hair weekly does two things that contribute to moisture rejuvenation. First, it removes build-up, dandruff, and debris, which can block your cuticles and scalp from getting the moisture it requires. Then it introduces moisture while you wash. 

Make the most of your #washday with these tips. Water-wash your curls for the first 3-4 minutes, before introducing a cleanser. While the cleansing stage is essential, some ingredients could cause friction and greater dryness. Our Curl Renew & Restore Cleansing Rinse has been formulated to (1) gently cleanse scalp and hair (2) detangle while washing, and (3) moisturize hair with the use of aloe, glycerin, and olive squalene. 

Moisturize Daily, Your Curls will Thank You!

There are some product types that are better at moisturizing than others. Creme-based products should be your go-to when moisture is what you’re seeking. Our Untie the Knot Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner and Curl Supreme 4-in-1 Hydrating Crème are a dynamic duo, providing tons of buttery slip to clump your curls, while layering on moisturizing properties. Moisturizing daily, doesn’t have to be drenching your curls. Simply dampening your curls with a warm spritz then going in with a moisturizing crème should rejuvenate dry curls 

Don’t Skimp on the H2O

Drink, drink, and drink some more water. You’ll be so excited to see how much more moisturized your curls will become. We are talking about serious bounce for your curls, waves or coils. When you care for your body, your body will care for your curls. Our bodies are awesome self-healing and self-correcting organisms. To function properly, our body will divert water to areas that need it the most, if there is any lack, then our hair suffers. Making sure you keep your body hydrated is key to keeping your scalp and hair moisturized. 

Hey curly, we know that dry curls can be super frustrating! I mean who wants to start the day with crunchy hay curls? Um, nobody. We hope these tips and ideas will help you on your curl journey and take your tresses from parched to oh so pretty and healthy too.

Do you have a moisturizing tip for fellow curlies? Chime in on the comments, we’d love to hear from you! 

Jan 20, 2023

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