Our NEW Aloe Vera Curl Primer is a lifesaver for moms and kids!

Behind every little curly, wavy or coily who is having a great hair day, there is a mama like you who is probably tired, sporting a messy bun, and  feels like chugging instead of sipping her coffee lol. So let’s be real, there is a reason you often see pics of kids where mom is strategically out of the shot: After getting littles ready there is often not much time to make ourselves look presentable too! 

Fear not, mama, our new Aloe Vera Curl Primer is a lifesaver!

From morning school drop off lines to evening sports and kids’ bedtimes that get later than we’d like, most moms have something in common, we are busy! We want to save you time, because after all babies and kiddos don’t just take care of themselves. We are going to focus in on our top 3 ways that our most innovative product yet can save you time. 

Ready, set, REFRESH!

Um, you know those moments when the clock is ticking and that never-ending mama to do list is feeling loooong? Our Aloe Vera Curl Primer makes a quick refresh between your #Washdays so simple. We absolutely love this mama and me how-to video. It shows so well how versatile this product is, because you can use it on (1) wet or dry tresses as a (2) stand alone refresh or to (3) prime your tresses for success with other stylers. Watch how this mom creates gorgeous results for her own curls and her daughter’s long waves! 


Unleash Magical Detangling Powers! 

If you got a bunch of moms of mini curlies, coilies and wavies together, we bet that you would hear a lot of tangle woes. They are just not fun for anyone, so listen up, mama! Our Aloe Vera Curl Primer makes detangling ALL of the curls in your house so fast and easy. We have actually found that it can reduce detangling time by approx. 70%, and eliminates tangles without tension or tears from your kiddos. Mommin’ ain’t easy, but detangling with our aloe primer sure is! If you think it sounds too good to be true, watch its detangling magic in action! 


Hit fast forward on drying time!

Alright, mamas, we hope you are awake-ish, despite that cute little baby needing you at all hours of the night. You’ve got to be ready to have your mind blown: Our aloe primer speeds up your drying time! Need your daughter’s waves looking good just in time for picture day? Grab our aloe primer. Sneaking out for your first date night in what feels like forever? Reach for the aloe primer to get gorgeous curly results before the babysitter arrives. Want your coils to look perfect for your kid’s championship game? You’ve got it, bust out the aloe primer. Who wants faster drying curls? Busy mamas! Now just imagine the possibilities of getting to your version of the stunning, defined results like you’ll see in the video with LESS drying time!


Our aloe primer is one product with so many benefits, and you can get even more deets on all of its amazing capabilities in our recent launch post. We know that when you give it a try you’ll find that great hair day confidence boost will be much faster and easier to achieve for you and your minis. Who knows, mama, you might even find yourself with a few unexpected and peaceful moments just for you. We're saving your time AND money with our code: welcome15off for 15% OFF your first order!

Jul 27, 2023

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